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Focusing on ‘Language’, ‘Interculturality’ and ‘Technology’, the LIT Educational Hub is a multi-lateral project funded by the British Council.  It involves six universities: East China Normal University, Southwest University and Tianjin Normal University in China; University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa in Indonesia; the University of East Anglia in the UK; and Vietnam National University, University of Languages and International Studies in Vietnam.  Initially running for five years (2021-26), the LIT Educational Hub has three main target outcomes:

  1. enhance the student experience (e.g. increasing students’ linguistic preparedness to engage in inter-institutional exchange opportunities where English is used as the means of instruction and/or communication);
  2. advance the internationalization of higher education in the UK, China and BRI countries (e.g. overcoming the potential challenges in intercultural exchanges and enhancing intercultural communication among stakeholders); and
  3. strengthen online teaching/learning (e.g. preparing us all for a digitally integrated university and ensuring that students are provided with the most appropriate learning environments to suit their needs).


These outcomes will be achieved through several online/on-campus activities, advancing teaching/learning and research practices in all the six partner universities.  The list of activities for the three outcomes include the following examples:

  1. joint undergraduate teaching, and Master’s student exchange virtual projects;
  2. staff development and training, and the provision of joint/double degrees; and
  3. online PhD academic exchange, and digital teaching/learning workshops.

The list, however, is in constant evolution and change to cater for the needs of students and staff members at the partner universities.  Should you wish to be involved, please do not hesitate to write to one of the institutional leaders as detailed below.


If you work/study at one of the partner universities and you would like to be involved in the LIT Educational Hub, please do get in touch with the lead academics in your respective university.  They will be very happy to hear from you and to include you in the Hub activities.

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Vietnam National University, University of Languages and International Studies