Impact and dissemination throughout the programme and development of an implementation strategy for wider adoption of the CHARMER intervnetion (Septemeber 2020- June 2025).


We will formulate a generic medication-related dissemination model and use this model to prepare our bespoke dissemination plan for CHARMER. We will use the knowledge and experience from Work Package lead, Katherine Murphy, to guide our dissemination strategy and formulate our guidance document. We will underpin the process with the relevant evidence base from the fields of dissemination, implementation and impact. We will make available a resultant guidance document for anyone to use in future research projects to inform and guide the dissemination process to achieve greater research impact.

Patient and public involvement

This work package will be led by Katherine Murphy, a PPI co-applicant on the CHARMER research programme. Core PPI members will also be key contributors of the dissemination working group. The group will develop and refine throughout the programme, the conceptual model for dissemination and intervention adoption.

work package leads

Research associate

If you have any questions about Work Package 5, please contact Caroline Smith.