Developing the intervention package with co-design workshops with target audience and local implementation stakeholders (September 2020- June 2021).


The key role of the CHARMER intervention is to change the behaviour of geriatricians and pharmacists in hospital when it is appropriate to do so. As a result of the CHARMER team's previous research, six Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs) have been identified to target the geriatricians' and pharmacists' barriers and enablers of deprescribing in hospital (1).

In Work Package 2, we will develop the final CHARMER intervention package by working with stakeholders to detail exactly how each of the six BCTs will be operationalised in terms of content, mode and frequency of delivery.

Ideas about how the BCTs will be operationalised will be consolidated through workshops with stakeholders, including people with an interest in and/or will be impacted by the outcomes from CHARMER.

 Public and Patient Involvement

Patient and public involvement members will collaborate with the facilitators to design the workshop structure and revise Behaviour Change Technique characterisations based on workshop findings.


1. Scott S, May H, Patel M, Wright DJ, Bhattacharya DA practitioner behaviour change intervention for deprescribing in the hospital settingAge and Ageing. 2020 Sep 2.

Work Package Leads

Senior Research Associate

If you have any questions about Work Package 2, please contact Bethany Atkins.