Languages made fun

The LinguaSign primary school teaching materials are a series of videos providing a comprehensive introduction to a range of languages. The videos feature talking and signing ‘avatars' which can be used by primary teachers to extend pupils' speaking and listening skills using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning.

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  • Free, fun and interactive learning
  • Proven to engage the classroom
  • Proven to support effective language learning
  • Effective for both non-language teachers and experienced teachers
  • Supports current language curriculums
  • Multidimensional learning combining speaking, listening and sign

LinguaSign Technology for Learning Languages

Developed for use at Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds) and proven effective within the classroom, LinguaSign supports the speaking and listening strands of current language teaching in a range of languages. ‘Native speaking' 3D animations are used within a series of interlinked stories, uniquely using gestures to reinforce language learning, with the added benefit that the teacher does not need to have prior knowledge of the language being taught.

LinguaSign is the result of a three year European collaboration led by the University of East Anglia which has resulted in the development of our unique software and range of modern Language teaching materials. The videos are available in four different languages - English, French, Dutch and Portuguese and there are up to four different stories in each language.


Principal Investigator

Team led by Professor John Glauert


Further Details

There are also a small number of the English and French stories available on DVD. If you would be interested in receiving copies please contact the IP Office.