SELECT is a scheme that takes advantage of our strong partnerships with local and national engineering companies in offering our undergraduate students the opportunity to secure work placements and sponsorship deals during their studies.

Industry needs engineers – and good ones. Conventional recruitment via agencies and interviews doesn't always deliver the cream of the crop. This is one of the reasons why industrial companies offer summer placements to potential employees. At UEA, we have established partnerships with local and national engineering companies, providing students with opportunities to gain summer placements during their studies and putting them one step ahead of other graduates when they enter the job market.

How does it work?

Each year our partner companies visit to meet our first year students informally. Then formal interviews are held around Christmas time and each company chooses which student they wish to engage. Selected students complete a work placement in their first summer vacation and if both sides are happy the company agrees a sponsorship deal with the student for the rest of their degree and possible continued placements.

What are the benefits?

  • A structured series of placements with an engineering company.
  • Receive £1,800 p.a. from the second year, from the industry sponsor.
  • Invaluable hands-on industrial experience in every year of your programme.
  • Opportunity to secure a training agreement with industry sponsor, leading to chartered status.
  • Access to the skills of industry partners, including exposure to visiting talks, breakfast meetings and real engineering drawings.
  • The industry sponsors aim to retain these excellent young engineers after graduation and in about fifty per cent of cases they do.


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