There are some important choices to make before you embark on teacher training.

Do your research to make an informed decision about your route into teaching.

Primary or secondary?

You might already have a clear idea about which age group you would like to teach. But, if you are undecided, try to spend some time in both primary and secondary schools. You will find that teaching in each age phase is quite different and distinctive. This time will help give you an understanding of where your passion for teaching lies. It might also challenge the expectations you’ve had from being a pupil yourself.

If you are already a UEA student, you can access the A Glimpse of Teaching experience.

You can also find out more about our Primary PGCE and Secondary PGCE online.

University led or school direct?

At UEA you can choose to study for your PGCE through either our university-led or School Direct routes.

The taught programme is the same for both and you will spend the same amount of time in school whichever route you choose. On both routes, school experience takes place in partnership schools across the region, and in particular in Norfolk and Suffolk. Both university-led and School Direct trainees qualify with a PGCE with 90 Master’s credits. 

On the School Direct route you will already know the lead and partner schools in which you will have at least one of your placements when you are offered a place on the course.