Please see below for a list of donors who have supported UEA.

Individual donors

Miss Maria Bourboulis (EAS80)(d.)
Mr Bob Catchpole
Mr John Chittock (d.)
Mr Dominic Christian (SOC79) and Ms Kate Birch
Mr Chris Chuang (SYS89) and Miss Ka Ki (EDU91)
Mr Ayaz Ebrahim (SYS82)
Mr Bernard Francis (HIS02)(d.)
Sir Brandon (d.) and Lady Gough
Mr Mike Hammond (SOC77)
Mr Nigel Hart (SOC86)
Mr Paul Head (SOC79)(d.) and Ms Victoria Phillips (LAW80)
Mr Sebastian Hedgecoe
Mr Bill Hemming (d.) and Mrs Roselies Hemming (d.)
Professor Jimmy Jones (d.)
Mr Billy Kan (MAP72)
The King Family
Mr David G. Knott and Ms Françoise Girard
Mr David Kowitz (EAS83) and Mrs Sarah Kowitz (EAS81)
Mr Tim Kwok (LAW79)
Mr Graham Penfold (SOC79) and Mrs Maria Penfold
Lady Lisa Sainsbury (d.)
Mr Peter Saunders (SYS86)
Mr Robert Thorne (EAS63)
Mr David Tibble (SOC70)
Mr Paul Tucker (SYS90)
Mr Dick van der Ven (d.)
Mr Doug Ward (LAW99) and Miss Olivia Toulson (LAW99)
Mr James Wilkinson (SOC92) and Mrs Helen Wilkinson (EAS92)
Mr Mark Williams (EUR81)
Mr David T. K. Wong
Mr Miles Morland

Trusts, foundations, and organisations

Action Arthritis
Afferent Pharmaceuticals
Alzheimer's Research UK
Alzheimer's Society
Arthritis Research UK
Aviva plc
Big C
Big Lottery Fund
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Birdlife International
Booker Prize Foundation
Breast Cancer Campaign
British Heart Foundation
Cancer Prevention Research Trust
Cancer Research UK
Ede and Ravenscroft
Fight for Sight
Foster Contracting Ltd
Garfield Weston Foundation
Hitachi Europe Ltd
International Foundation for Arts and Culture
International Jomon Culture Conference
Invest in ME
Ishibashi Foundation
John Jarrold Trust Ltd
Marc Fitch Fund
Marie Curie Fellows Association
Marie Curie Service
Masonic Charitable Foundation, successor to The Grand Charity
MS Society
Orthopaedic Research UK
Oxford Biodynamics
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Prostate Cancer UK
Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk
Rosetrees Trust
Santander Universities UK
Sir Siegmund Warburg's Voluntary Settlement
Society for the Study of Addiction
Tektronix UK Limited
The Amar-Franses and Foster-Jenkins Trust
The Bedford Memorial Trust
The Bob Champion Cancer Trust
The British Council
The British Skin Foundation
The C P Charitable Trust
The Edith Murphy Foundation
The Edward and Ivy Rose Hood Memorial Fund
The Euro-Japanese Association
The Foyle Foundation
The Gatsby Charitable Foundation
The Geoffrey Watling Charity
The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
The Hargrave Foundation
The Humane Research Trust
The Japan Foundation
The John and Pamela Salter Charitable Trust
The Leverhulme Trust
The Movember Foundation
The Nippon Foundation
The Norfolk Charitable Trust
The Norwich Freemen's Charity
The Nuffield Foundation
The Orthopaedics Charitable Trust Fund
The Paul Bassham Charitable Trust
The Public Interest Foundation
The R C Snelling Charitable Trust
The Shelroy Charitable Trust
The Stroke Association
The Wolfson Foundation
Toshiba International Foundation
Wellcome Trust
Yakult UK Limited

Individual Donors

Ms Annabel Abbs (EAS83)
Professor Edward Acton
Sir Geoffrey and Lady Allen
Sir Colin Anderson (d.)
Mrs Marie Archer (ENV96)
Mr Ladipupo Balogun (SOC90)
Mr Callum Barton (SOC67)
Mr David Bays
Mr Conrad Blakey
Mr Michael Blakey
Mr Simon Blakey
Mrs Sophie Boden (AHM84)
Mr John Boyne (EAS94)
Mr Lee Bray
Ms Lysiane Bysh (EUR66) and Mr Gordon Maclean (d.)
Mr and Mrs Henry Cator
Ms Maureen Colledge (SOC67)
Sir Timothy and Lady Mary Colman
Mr Nigel Cooper (SOC68)
Mr Brian Copeland (DEV87)(d.)
Mr Charlie Dimont (SOC71)
Mrs Margaret Doggett
Mr Justin Dowley
Ms Sha Duan (MTH06) and Mr Minchao Jiang
Mr Mark Edwards (SOC75)
Mr James Ford (LAW85)
Mr Raymond Frostick (d.) and Mrs Claire Frostick
Mrs Helen Fuller (d.)
Mrs Neilma Gantner (d.)
Mr Joe Greenwell (EAS70)
Dr Ron Hargreaves (CHE64)
Mr Edward Hood (d.)
Mr Ian Hunter (SOC68)
Mr Chris Hutt (EAS65)
Mr Nick Hynes (SOC79)
Mrs Karen Jones (EAS75)
Mr Andrew Kaberry (SOC64)
Mr Cyrus Kapadia (SYS90) and Mrs Heidi Kapadia (EUR90)
Mrs Bridget Kenrick (EAS80)(d.)
Ms Kirsten Lea (ART02) and Mr David Craigen
Mrs Doris Lessing (d.)
Mr Peter Lightfoot (EAS70) for Lightfoot Marketing Communications Ltd
Mr Tim Lovett (BIO66) and Mrs Jennie Lovett (EUR67)
Mr Duncan MacDonald (SOC68)
Miss Monica Malik (DEV93)
Mr David Meganck (LAW92)
Mr Philip Mould (AHM78)
The Hon Justice Derek Pang (LAW82)
Mr Simon Penney (SOC66)
Mr Martin Pick (SOC64) for the Charles Pick Fellowship
The Ratcliffe Family
Mr Tim Rees (SOC77)
Mrs Gwen Russell
Mr Mike Shinya (SOC76)
Mr Alex Smith (BIO70)
Mr Ian Smith (SOC91) and Mrs Emma Smith (HIS92)
Mr Dwayne Stallings (EAS97)
Mr John Talbot
Ms Toby Taper (SOC64)
Mrs Margaret Trillian née McIntosh (ARE87)(d.)
Mr Edward Tse (SOC75)
Mrs Charlotte Vaight (EAS93) and Mr Matthew Vaight
Mr Ray Vaughan (SOC77) and Ms Theresa Hughes for The Chauntry Corporation Ltd
Mr Steven Walker (LAW89)
Ms Mary Webb
Mr Simon Wharmby (SOC66)
Dr John Whittaker (BIO75) and Dr Penny Gilbert
Mrs Lesley Williams (ARE84)
Mr Peter Wilson
Mr Colin Wright
Dr Paul Zuckerman

Trusts, Foundations, and Organisations

A La Vieille Russie
Action Medical Research
Alzheimer's Association
Asthma UK
Barratt & Cooke Limited
Charnwood Molecular Ltd
Chief Fire Officers Association
Children with Crohn's and Colitis
Context Consulting UK
Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association
Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
David Higham Associates
Dimbleby Cancer Care
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Ford Motor Company
Hargreaves and Ball Trust
Heritage Lottery Fund
Ink, Sweat & Tears
J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust
Keswick Hall Trust
Lovewell Blake
Memorial Trust of the 2nd Air Division USAAF
Mills & Reeve Charitable Trust
Mills & Reeve LLP
Mrs H R Greene Charitable Settlement
North Walsham Rugby Football Club
Okinoshima World Heritage Promotion Committee
Paget's Association
Pan Macmillan UK
Panasonic UK Ltd
Petros London Limited
Pharmacy Research UK
Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSA Consulting Ltd
S R & P H Southall Charitable Trust
Sir Halley Stewart Trust
Sir Simon Milton Foundation
SME Education Foundation
Snelling Business Systems Ltd
Sotheby's Institute of Art
The 1994 Group
The Access and Achievement Foundation
The Anatomical Society
The Caron Trust
The Charles Littlewood Hill Charitable Trust
The Charles Wallace India Trust
The Charles Wallace Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma Trusts
The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity
The Cochrane Collaboration
The Crown Estate
The Fitzmaurice Trust
The Health Foundation
The Henry Moore Foundation
The Lady Hind Trust
The Lord Cozens-Hardy Trust
The Microbiology Society
The Motor Neurone Disease Association
The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Bicentenary Trust
The Ranworth Trust 1985
The Savile Club
The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
The South Asian Decorative Arts and Crafts Collection
The Timothy Colman Charitable Trust
University of California Trust (UK)
Vasculitis UK
Whitelaw Frater Cancer Trust
World Cancer Research Fund


Mr James Adam
Mr Geoffrey Adams (SOC73)
Mr Ian Adamson (MTH06)
Mr David Allan (CHE67)
Ms Liz Allen (ENV79)
Mr Nick Allen (ENV78)
Mr David Almond (EAS70)
Mr David Anderson (MGT95)
Mr Pete Arnesen (SOC76)
Mr Nicholas Arnott (SYS90) and Mrs Annette Arnott née Bishop (EUR91)
Mrs Jennie Aron née Lee (ENG63)
Mr David Arrighi (MAP64)
Ms Jane Arthur (AHM75)
Mrs Mary Ash (CCE99)
Mr Jeff Attfield (SOC64)


Mr Nick Backhouse (BIO68) and Mrs Jane Backhouse née Suthers (BIO)
Dr Paul Bagguley (SOC79)
Mr Ian Baker (LAW79)
Mr Richard Baker (MTH00)
Mr Donald Barber (CHE70)
Sir Bob Barclay (SOC68)
Mr Peter Barnes (SOC67)
Mr Richard Barnett (SOC88)
Mrs Marion Beale (SOC88)
Mr Graham Beck
Mr Alan Bennett (SOC67)
Mrs Gillian Bennett née Toghill (BIO71) and Mr Richard Bennett (BIO71)
Mr Martyn Bennett (EUR74)
Mr Paul Bentley-Smith (SYS78)
Professor Piers Blaikie
Mr Roy Blanchfield (MAP66)
Mr Steve Blease (EUR68) and Mrs Jane Blease née Higgins (EAS69)
Mr Simon Bleckly (EAS85)
Mrs Mary Bloomfield (NAM01)
Mr James Boddy
Ms Dorothy Bohm
Mr Alexander Bolton (EAS89)
Mr Alan Boomer (AHM87)
Mr Niall Bradfield (EUR71)
Mr Toby Bray (EAS81)
Mr Stephen Bridge
Dr Peter Briggs (PHY93)
Mr Philippe Broadhead (EAS84)
Dr Paul Brooker (BIO76)
Mr Wol Brown (CHE64) and Mrs Jackie Brown née Evans (EAS64)
Mrs Jill Buch
Dr Edward Bujak (EUR88)
Mr James Bureau (EUR76)
Mr Geoffrey Burke (MAP73) and Mrs Elizabeth Burke née Maddison (EUR73)
Mr Melvyn Butcher (EDU86)(d.)
Mr Murray Butler (EAS89)
Mrs Ailsa Button
Mr Richard Buxton (SOC81)
Mr Graeme Byrne (DEV98) and Mrs Hannah Byrne née Steed (ART98)


Mr Peter Calcott (BIO66)
Mr David Caplin (SOC79)
Mr Ambrose Carey (SOC81)
Mr John Carey (EAS94)
Mr Howard Carter (SOC70)
Mr Neil Cartwright (BIO77)
Mrs Angela Cassels née Porter (SOC66)
Mrs Annabelle Chapman
Mrs Anne Chernin
Ms Tracy Chevalier (EAS93)
Mr Simon Childs (EUR80)
Mr Julian Chisholm (SOC65)
Mr Christis Christoforou (SOC80)
Dr Dominic Clark
Mr Dominic Clarke (LAW91)
Mr Jeffrey Clarke (ENV72)
Dr David Clifford (CHE64)
Mr Robert Clifton (EUR71)
Mr Tom Coates (SOC72)
Mrs Janice Cocks-Watson née Cocks (SOC69)
Mrs Karen Coke née Phillips (AHM70) and Mr David Coke (AHM70)
Mr Timothy Coleridge (AHM78)
Mr Steve Collins (ENV84) and Ms Susan Roche (EAS86)
Ms Lesley Cooper (EAS80)
Dr Roger Corbett (BIO62)
Dr Thomas Corfield (MUS73)
Mr Andy Cox (SOC80)
Mr Bob Crawford
Dr Ronald Crisp (EDU81)
Mr Peter Crocker (EAS73)
Mr Rhiannon Crow (SOC69)
Mr Adrian Cubitt (EDU89)
Mr David Cubitt (CES94) and Mrs Maureen Cubitt née Stammers (EDU85)
Ms Anna Cullingford


Mr Philip Edwards (EAS73)
Dr Tony Edwards (ENV68)
Mr Andrew Ellis (LAW88)
Dr Shirley Ellis
Mr Ken Elvy (EUR68)
Mr Dylan Evans (LAW83)
Dr Keith Evans
Mr Christopher Eykyn (AHM87)


Dr John Gardiner (CHE65) and Dr Maureen Gardiner née Harnett (CHE65)
Miss Karen Gedd (MUS74)
Mr Mike George (BIO69)(d.)
Mr Adrian Gibbs (AHM87)
Professor Say-Hak Goo (LAW90)
Mr Chris Gooch
Professor Jonathan Gosling (DEV78)
Mr Barry Graham (SYS83) and Mrs Ruth Graham née Acton (EUR82)
Dr Paul Greatrix (EDU94)
Mrs Kay Greaves née Clark (EAS75)
Ms Helen Green (SOC81)
Mr Rod Greig (EUR74)
Mr Michael Guile (SOC71)
Mr Jonathan Gulliford (MUS73)
Mr Damitha Gunaratne (DEV80)
Mr Alan Gunn (SYS92)
Miss Penelope Gypps (SOC99)


Mr Jake Humphrey


Mr Peter Innes (SOC66)
Mr Trevor Ivory (LAW96)


Mr Mario Jacovides (LAW83)
Mrs Lucinda Jeffrey née Highley (LLT97)
Mr Kevin Johnson (EDU82)
Mrs Jane Jonathan
Miss Celia Jones (BIO66)
Dr Tom Jones (CHE67)
Mr Nick Jordan and Mrs Fiona Jordan
Mrs Elizabeth Joyce née Jackson (CHE67)
Miss Feng Juan
Mrs Sue Justice née Brown/Warburton (SOC64)


Mr Andrew Lacey (EAS67) and Mrs Vanessa Lacey née Westcombe (EAS67)
Mr David Lade (ENV70)
Mr Mark Landon (LAW83)
Mr Michael Latham (SYS84)
Professor Val Lattimer
Miss Bernadette Laventure (CHE80)
Dr Trevor Lea (BIO63)
Mr Ian Leah (BIO75) and Mrs Claire Leah née Poulter (BIO76)
Mr Peter Ledger (ART06)
Mr Thomas Lee (LAW78)
Mr Warren Lee (SYS83)
Mrs Lucy Lelliott née Martyn (EAS76)
Mr Geoffrey Lewis (ENG63)(d.) and Mrs Jeanne Lewis
Mr Martin Lewis-Jones (MAP77)
Mr Jim Lindsay (CHE73)
Mrs Henrietta Lindsell
Mr Daniel Lister (CHE69)
Dr Martin Lott (CMP02)
Mr George Lovewell Blake and Mrs Mary Lovewell Blake
Mr Barry Lowry (ENV78)
Mrs Margaret Luckett-Gray


Mr David Nicholls
Mr Michael Nicholls (MAP67)
Mr Jeremy Nixon (LAW88)
Mr John Normand


Miss Louise Oakham (ART93)
Dr Fergal O'Driscoll
Dr Andy Oliver (CHE72) and Mrs Jane Oliver née Palfrey (BIO72)
Mr David Orford (LAW94)
Mr John Owen (SOC85)


Mr Adrian Page (SYS83) and Mrs Paula Page née Goode (EAS83)
Dr Alyson Parris (BIO00)
Mr Arwel Parry (SYS76)
Mr Chris Patrick (CHE67)
Commander Ben Peilow (EUR72)
Mr Geoffrey Pelham-Lane (EAS82)
Mr Roger Penfound (SOC68)
Mr John Peto (DEV89)
Mr Richard Phillips (MAP68)
Mr Stephen Phillips (EAS72)
Mr Tim Pickup (CHE67)(d.)
Mr Ray Pierce (SOC65) and Mrs Hilary Pierce née Bankhead (MAP66)
Mr Martin Pinfold
Mrs Phillipa Pitt née Venning (ENV70) and Mr Nigel Pitt (ENV71)
Caron Pope
Mrs Virginia Porter née Porter (EDU86)
Mrs Betty Powell
Mr Gary Price-Hunt (LAW79)
Mr Andrew Pritchard (BIO76)
Ms Jane Pritchard (LAW78)
Dr Dmitry Pshezhetskiy


Ms Margaret Salmon née Bramham (SOC65)
Mr Peter Salt (HIS13)
Mrs Monica Sanger née Robins (BIO63)
Mr Peter Sappa (SOC71)
Mr Nick Sargent (MGT95)
Ms Deborah Saunders (LAW78)
Mrs Janice Saunders née Deung (EAS70)
Miss Fiona Savory (DEV73)
Ms Joy Scholes née Cope (EAS69)
Mr James Seabrook (MAP89)
Mr Alistair Seel (SOC79)
Ms Elena Segal
Mr Philip Shaw (ENV91)
Mr Peter Sheard and Mrs Sue Sheard née Wilkins (BIO70)
Mr Martin Sheehan (SOC71)
Dr Steven Shuttleworth (ENV70) and Mrs Julie Shuttleworth née Pike (EUR70)
Mr George Siantonas (SOC67)
Mr Edward Simmons (BIO81)
Mr Jon Simms (SOC77)
Dr Susan Smart née Newbould (BIO86)
Mr Adrian Smith (BIO63)
Mr Chris Smith (SOC67) and Mrs Nina Smith (SWK95)
Mr Chris Smith (EUR68)
Dr Christopher Smith (CHE77)
Mr Garry Smith (DEV81)
Mr Howard Smith (EUR64)
Mrs Megan Smith née Broughton (MAP65)
Mr Richard Smith (SOC68)
Mr Stewart Smith (MAP75)
Mr Vincent Smyth (LAW82)
Mr Richard Souchard (CHE72)
Mr David Spinks (d.) and Mrs Jo Spinks
Dr Tom Staunton
Mrs Maureen Steel (EAS98)
Mrs Teresa Stolagiewicz née Markiewicz (EUR70)
Mr Jeremy Stonehouse (BIO80)
Dr Graeme Stonell (MAP77)
Mr Mike Swift (DEV72)
Ms Anita Symington née Self (EUR69)


Mr Iain Young (LAW84)
Ms Louisa Young
Mrs Beverley Youngman

Trusts, Foundations, and Organisations

A.G. Leventis Foundation
Alaco Limited
Antony Harwood Ltd
Aquaterra Energy Ltd
Baxter Healthcare
Biochemical Society
British Mass Spectrometry Society
C B Jewson Trust
Constable and Robinson Ltd
Daisy Goodwin Productions
Diabetes UK
East Anglian Chambers
Fairway Petroleum Exploration Consultants Limited
Fisheries Society of the British Isles
Gumuchdjian Architects
Hogan Lovells International LLP
Infineum International Ltd
Interconnector (UK) Ltd
INTO Giving Ltd
James Tudor Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Ltd
KCI Medical Ltd
Lauchentilly Charitable Foundation
Laura Devine Solicitors
Leathes Prior Solicitors
Lincolnshire County Council
London Mathematical Society
Metropolitan Center for Far Eastern Art Studies
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Norfolk and Waveney Prostate Cancer Support Group
Norfolk Community Foundation Ltd
Norfolk Gardens Trust
Philip Mould Ltd
Playground Entertainment
Richard Warn Memorial Fund
Round Table Lodge of Norfolk
Royal Academy of Engineering
Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts & Culture
Shore Tech Systems
Speck and Burke Analytical
Spire Solicitors
Tempest-Radford Limited
The Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund
The Ashton Partnership (Executive Search) Ltd
The Association of Physicians of Great Britain & Ireland
The Bothwell Charitable Trust
The Cedars Trust
The Celia Blakey Charitable Trust
The Chadacre Agricultural Trust
The Clan Trust
The Company of Biologists
The Doctor Hadwen Trust for Humane Research
The Genetics Society
The Jeffries Revenue Fund
The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
The Michael Marks Charitable Trust
The Monument Trust
The Mr and Mrs Philip Rackham Charitable Trust
The Neville Edwin Ronald Fredman Trust
The Norfolk Youth Music Trust
The Patron's Fund
The Pennycress Trust
The Rufford Foundation
The Sackler Trust
The Savings Guru Ltd
The Silver Society
The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia
The Warburg Charitable Trust
The Worshipful Company of Insurers
Think Pink & Blue
Tyndall Centre
Uber Agile Limited
Warings Lifestore


Mr Gary Dade (MTH97)
Mr Jason Daniels (LAW97)
Mr Robin Darvall (SYS81)
Mr Tapan and Mrs Julie Dattas
Mr Steve Davies (MAP71)
Mrs Deborah Davis (EAS99)
Miss Claudine Dawson (EUR88)
Mrs Gill Dawson née Hoyle (AHM85)
Mr Shaun Day (SOC89) and Mrs Alison Day née Gill (AHM89)
Mr Robert De Plumpton-Hunter
Mr Marcus Dearle (LAW83)
Mr Damien Devine (ENV80)
Ms Laura Devine
Mr Geoffrey Dewick (BIO75)
Mrs Rebecca Dewing née Gentle (EUR88)
Mr Russell Dodd (SOC83)
Mrs Linda Dodds née Whitehead (ENV69)
Ms Jane Donaldson
Miss Louise Doughty (EAS86)
Mr Bill Douglas (SOC79)
Ms Marian Drew née Mollett (SOC72)
Mrs Maggie Duncan (EAS79)
Mr Jonathan Durden (SOC93)
Dr Kati Dye née King (BIO90) and Dr Stephen Dye (ENV95)
Vice Admiral Sir Anthony Dymock (EUR67)
Mr Christopher Dyson (CCE00)


Ms Ayobami Famurewa (LDC13)
Mr Julian Fisher (EAS89) and Ms Helen Stringer (EAS88)
R Fisher
Mr Alan Fone (ARE73)
Dr Graham Ford (EUR82)
Mr Peter Forse (SOC72)
Mr Mark Fowles (ENV79) and Mrs Natalie Fowles née Woodcock (SOC81)
Mrs Alison France (SYS90) and Mr Jason France (SYS90)
Mr David Francis (BIO68)
Mr David Frost (CCE01)
Mr Paul Furner (SYS89)


Mr Leo Hall (PHI02)
Miss Wendy Hall (BIO81)
Dr John Halsey (SOC66) and Ms Valerie Halsey née Mason (EAS67)
Mr Marc Hanson (SOC86)
Mr Martin Harbour (CHE71)
Mr Jeremy Hardie
Ms Geraldine Harmsworth
Mr Kristopher Harper
Mr David Harris (LAW81)
Mr Andrew Harvey (SOC01)
Mr Richard Havergal (EUR70)
Dr Martin Hawtree (EAS65)
Mr Andrew Head (BIO77)
Mr Tony Heathcote (CHE66)
Mr Ronald Hecht (SOC65)
Mrs Caroline Heiser née Pickering
Mr Richard Helyer (MAP69)
Mr Mal Hennessey (EUR88)
Dr Andrew Heslop (CHE66)
Mrs Sarah Hewitt née Mawson (ENV82)
Dr Linda Heywood (EAS01)
Mrs Jackie Higham
Miss Karen Hindmarch (LAW90)
Mrs Victoria Hislop
Mrs Pamela Hoare née Mulready (EAS70)
Mr Stewart Hobbs (SOC96)
Mr John Hodgson (ENV96)
Mr Mark Hodgson (SYS80)
Dr Tony Holder (BIO69)
Mr Rick Holland (LAW78)
Mr Stephen Holland (MGT93)
Mr Nicholas Horn (EDU87)
Mr John Howkins
Mrs Carolyn Hupton née Pincott (ENV77)
Dr William Hutchins (LLT98)


Ms Nikki Kenna née Siegen-Smith (EAS73)
Mr Paul Kennedy (LAW97)
Mrs Ghislaine Kennerley née Galbraith (EUR76)
Mr Jim Keogh (CHE82)
Mr Christopher Kingzett (AHM77)
Mrs Zillah Kisswany née Whittaker (LAW02)
Dr Katharine Kite (ARE94)


Mr Dave Mackie (SOC77) and Mrs Lindsey Mackie née Platt (EAS78)
Mrs Jane Maggs née Gale (BIO78)
Dr David Martland (MAP68)
Mr Ian May (MAP67)
Mr Simon May (BIO79)
Ms Sheena McCaffrey (LAW81)
Mr Christopher Mcconnell (HIS02)
Mr Andy McDonnell (EAS80) and Mrs Alison McDonnell née Hewlett (EDU82)
Mr Paul McGarrigle
Mr Jonathan McIvor (DEV74) and Mrs Lynne McIvor née Hawley (DEV74)
Mr William McKenzie (SOC66)
Reverend Andrew McLuskey (EUR66)
Mr Shaun Meades (CHE94)
Mr Patrick Meehan (SOC83)
Mr Julian Michaelson-Yeates (SYS85) and Mrs Samantha Michaelson-Yeates née Smith (ENV85)
Mr Colin Miles (SOC67)(d.)
Mrs Judy Mills née Baldwin (BIO75)
Mr Martin Mills (SOC82)
Mr Divyang Mistry (SYS82) and Mrs Helene Mistry-Tischhauser née Tischhauser (EUR82)
Mr Mark Mitchels (EAS93)
Mr Guy Moody (DEV79)
Mrs Iwona Moore-Bridger née Barycz (EAS74)
Mr Nick Morgan (EAS72)
Mr John Morris (SOC95)
Dr Patrick Moss (MTH00)
Mr Nick Mottershead (BIO76) and Mrs Rebecca Mottershead née Fink (BIO77)
Dr Mike Muncaster (EAS65)
Mr Ray Murphy (SOC75)


Mr Benjamin Ragless (MTH98) and Mrs Andrea Ragless née Leversuch (EAS98)
Mrs Pauline Rainton (SOC87)
Mrs Bridget Ramsay née Parkes (BIO63)
Mr Tim Randles (MAP68)
Mr William Rayner (EUR68)
Dr Rupert Read (EDU98)
Mr Mark Reed (SOC82) and Mrs Suzanne Reed née Hookes (EUR81)
Dr Bryan Renouf (MAP66)
Mr Alex Revell (SOC72)
Mr John Reynolds (SOC80)
Dr Carl Roberts (MTH01)
Dr Ian Roberts (CHE71) and Mrs Mary Roberts née Tinsley (BIO71)
Professor Keith Roberts
Dr Mike Robins (CHE72)
Mrs Mary Roll-Vallanjon née Vallanjon (EUR69)
Dr Annie Rowe (BIO80)
Mrs Biddy Rowe née Merrifield (BIO63)
Professor Catherine Rowett née Osborne
Ms Shelagh Rowling née Rowling (DEV75)
Dr Nigel Rudgewick-Brown (CHE75)
Dr Bob Ruffle (EAS65)
Mrs Rosemary Rushbrook


Mr Jason Taperell (MAP89) and Mrs Alice Taperell née Milner (ENV91)
Mr Martin Taylor (CHE72) and Mrs Linda Taylor née Cooper (MAP73)
Mr Gareth Thomas (MTH96)
Mrs Sam Thomas née Justice (AHM87)
Professor Andrew Thomson (CAP)
Mr Martin Thornhill (SOC91)
Mr David Thraxton (LAW04)
Mr Mick Tilley (ENV71)
Mr Mark Tindall (AHM83)
Mrs Janet Townend née Fuller (BIO66)
Professor Greg Tucker (BIO71)
Ms Alison Turner


Mr Gary Van-Der Heiden (SOC78) and Miss Louise Kenny (EAS79)
Mr Prabhat Vaze (DEV93)
Mr Gary Vickers (DEV77)
Mr Jake Volak (EUR85) and Mrs Sue Volak née Beardsell (EUR85)


Professor William Wade (BIO75)
Mr Malcolm Walker (SYS81) and Mrs Liza Walker née Jones (EAS81)
Ms Susan Walker (CHE71)
Mrs Ena Warminger (d.)
Miss Angela Waterfield
Mr Dorian Watkins (DEV76)
Mr Vincent Watts and Mrs Hilary Watts née Coutts (EDU99)
Professor Paul Webley (d.)
Mr David Wells (SOC75) and Ms Lindsay Stewart (MAP)
Mr Stephen Westrop (AHM70)
Mr Ian Wheeler
Mrs Vanessa Whinney née Watson (AHM65)
Miss Cynthia Whitt
Miss Kathleen Wightman (EAS65)
Mr Erik Wilcock (EUR68)(d.)
Mrs Amanda Williams (EDU03)
Mr Steven Williams (SYS83)
Mr Merrick Willis (EAS66)
Ms Moya Willson
Professor Bronwen Wilson
Mr Charlie Wilson
Dr David Winwood (CHE75)
Dr Christopher Woodman (CHE64) and Mrs Mary Woodman née Fairhead (ENG63)
Mr Peter Wootton (SOC68)
Professor Michael Wormstone
Mr Ian Wright (ENV77)
Mr Robert Wright (LAW95)


Mrs Margaret Bithell née Cook (BIO63)
Mrs Tessa Haddon née Norton (ENG63)
Mrs Georgie Hardie née Seddon (ENG63)
Mrs Jenny Knight née Martin (ENG63)
Mrs Rosemary Pitkeathley née Todd / Lickfold (SOC63)
Mrs Angie Wilson née Butterworth (BIO63) and Professor Michael Wilson (BIO63)
Professor Michael Wilson (BIO63) and Mrs Angie Wilson née Butterworth (BIO63)
Miss Frances King (SOC64)
Ms Anne Kingston (BIO64)
Dr Edward Lunt (CHE64)
Mr George Malcolm (EAS64)
Mr Kristofer Milne (EAS64)
Mrs Gill Reid née Letchford (CHE64)
Mr Christopher Reynolds (EAS64)
Mr Rob Cornford (EAS65)
Mr Donald Fry (EAS65)
Mr Martin Goffe (EAS65)
Mr Ronald Hecht (SOC65)
Mr Philip Ingram (BIO65)
Mrs Ginny James née Pratten (BIO65)
Mr Alan McCormack (MAP65)
Mr John Milnes (CHE65) and Mrs Anne Milnes née Sykes (EAS64)
Dr Lee Palmer (BIO65)
Mrs Jennifer Rice née Jenkinson (SOC65)
Mrs Maggie Smith née Thomson (BIO65)
Mr Dave Vickers (BIO65)
Mr Eric Benton (EUR66)
Mr Christopher Bramley (SOC66)
Mr Paul Bullamore (BIO66)
Mr Guy Collister (SOC66)
Mr Lionel Firlott (SOC66)
Mr Nick Harrison (SOC66)
Mrs Jennifer Hobbs née Wardell (MAP66)
Mr Alan Lees (SOC66)
Mr Paul Marchant (EAS66)
Mrs Dorothea Proffitt née Imrie (SOC66)
Mr Wynford Purchon (CHE66)
Mr John Rose (BIO66)
Ms Hilary Sunman (SOC66)
Mr Alan Townsend (SOC66)
Mrs Harriet Tupper née Morgan/Sackur (AHM66)
Mrs Yvonne Windsor née Taylor (BIO66)
Mr David Wise (SOC66)
Mrs Julia Carter née Lee (EUR67) and Mr Barry Carter (MAP67)
Mr Winston Cleggett (SOC67)
Mrs Julia Davison née Buck (EUR67) and Mr Martin Davison (EUR67)
Dr Mary Franklin née Franklin (EUR67)
Sir Robert Fulton (SOC67) and Lady Midge Fulton née Free (SOC69)
Mr David Harston (SOC67)
Mr Hugo Hodge (EAS67) and Miss Deborah Tyler (EUR67)
Mr Martin Hughes (SOC67)
Lady Fiona Mynors née Reindorp (EAS67)
Mr John Nicholls (SOC67)
Mr Phillip Purdy (SOC67)
Mrs Susan Quarmby née Morrell (BIO67)
Mr Kevin Quinn (MAP67)
Dr Sinclair Rogers (EAS67)
Mr Michael Ryan (EAS67)
Mr George Scott (EUR67)
Mr John Thornicroft (BIO67)
Dr Alan Tonge (CHE67)
His Honour Judge David Wood (EAS67)
Mr Edward Bailey (ENV68)
Ms Hilary Bullman (BIO68) and Mr Michael Hudson (BIO68)
Mr Richard Comley (EUR68)
Mr Bob Couper (BIO68)
Mr Bill Fargent (ENV68)
Mr Nigel Fawkes (AHM68)
Mr Tim Gauntlett (SOC68)
Mr Rob Jones (EUR68)
Mr Stephen Oakes (CHE68)
Mrs Vicki Ponsford née Claydon (EUR68)
Mrs Dee Sandham née Dickson (ENV68)
Dr John Scott (CHE68)
Mr Phillip Simons (EUR68)
Ms Susan Widgery née Widgery (AHM68)
Mr David Bent (BIO69)
Mrs Patricia Bland née Moss (MAP69)
Mrs Barbara Carter née Flatman (BIO69)
Mr Peter Davenport (AHM69)
Mr Steve Griggs (EUR69)
Mrs Josephine Hinnigan née Ash (EAS69)
Mr Paul Hunt (CHE69)
Miss Shirley Huntington (MAP69)
Mr Philip Randall (SOC69)
Dr Phil Rosenthal (CHE69)
Mr Robert Thraves (EUR69)


Mr Marcus Baldwin (ENV70)
Mr Keith Croydon (EUR70)
Mrs Sue Easton née Carruthers (ENV70)
Mrs Lynda Edwards née Smith (EUR70)
Ms Prudence Fletcher (EUR70)
Mr Tony Jacobs (SOC70)
Lord John Kimberley (CHE70)
Miss Jocelyn Sacker (EUR70)
Dr Jeremy Schonfield (EUR70)
Mr Steve Williams (ENV70)
Mr Graham Wright (EAS70) and Mrs Deborah Wright née Barnard (EAS74)
Dr Teresa Belton née Stutz (AHM71)
Mrs Fiona Bliss née Campbell (MAP71)
Dr Sheelagh Bowker née Macaulay (CHE71)
Mr Dave Charlton (MAP71)
Mr Michael Habbeshaw (SOC71)(d.)
Mrs Anne-Marie Lovatt née Kelsted (EUR71)
Dr Peter Mallott (BIO71)
Mr Robert Shield (BIO71)
Mr William Smith (EAS71)
Dr Jan-Robert Tanner (CHE71)
Mrs Belinda Thomson née Greaves (EUR71)
Mr Jeffrey West (AHM73) & Mrs Jane West (AHM71)
Mr Mike Cross (MAP72) and Mrs Janina Cross née Szczepaniak (MAP72)
Dr Steven Daggitt (BIO72)
Mr Geoffrey Griffiths (AHM72)
Mrs Vanessa Hall née Cargill (EAS72)
Dr David Holdup (CHE72)
Mrs Sue Holdup née Orbell (SOC72)
Dr Martin Howard (CHE72)
Dr Steve Hubbard (MAP72)
Mrs Sarah Rhodes née Rickard (EUR72)
Dr Glenn Rikowski (SOC72) and Mrs Ruth Rikowski née Turney (SOC74)
Dr David Sharp (EAS72)
Mr Greg Steddy (EUR72)
Mr Bob Bates (SOC73) and Ms Tania Parker (EUR75)
Mr Peter Dean (ENV73)
Mr Peter Desmond (SOC73)
Mrs Jane Evans née Cobley (EUR73)
Mr Andrew Graham (ENV73)
Ms Elaine Johnson née Hall (ENV73)
Mrs Jane Kaill née Isard (EAS73)
Mrs Lynda MacKenzie née Crust (EAS73)
Mrs Judith Masters née Williamson (EUR73)
Mr Michael Sargent (SOC73)
Mr Mark Seal (EUR73)
Mrs Rosemary Smith née Clifton (MAP73)
Mrs Linda Taylor née Cooper (MAP73) and Mr Martin Taylor (CHE72)
Mr Jonathan Ward (BIO73) and Mrs Lesley Ward née Pringle (BIO73)
Mrs Audrey Winterbottom née Street (BIO73) and Mr Stuart Winterbottom (SOC73)
Ms Elizabeth Algar (EAS74)
Mr Alan Astin (EUR74)
Mr Colin Bielckus (CHE74)
Mr Peter Brown (ENV74)
Mr Mark Casserley (EAS74)
Mr Richard Hart (SOC74)
Mr Gary Heard (CHE74)
Mrs Amanda Karpinski née Plowden-Wardlaw/Chappel (AHM74)
Miss Ann McCann (SOC74)
Dr Julian Metcalfe (BIO74)
Dr Graeme Peirson (BIO74)
Mr Charles Underwood (DEV74)
Mrs Heather Williams née Bamfield (DEV74)
Mrs Sarah Blackett-Ord née Rendall (AHM75)
Dr Julian Eastwood (BIO75)
Ms Jane Everitt (EUR75)
Ms Jane Luscombe née Luscombe (ENV75)
Mrs Gillian McCallum née Youell (EUR75)
Mr Bernard McLennan (CHE75)
Mrs Judy Mills née Baldwin (BIO75)
Mr Dave Mytton (ENV75)
Mrs Ann Pollard née Langlois (EAS75)
Mrs Gill Poole née Dawson (EUR75)
Ms Penelope Ratcliffe (SOC75)
Mr Brian Samuels (ENV75)
Ms Steph Simpson (EAS75)
Miss Heather Skinner (CHE75)
Mr Kevin Sturdy (ENV75)
Mr Mike Whiteoak (EUR75)
Reverend Linda Williams née White (EUR75)
Mr Wilfred Adams (MAP76)
Mr John Bell (ENV76)
Mr Kim Buckle (SOC76)
Mr Bob Clifford (CHE76)
Mr Chris Hewitt (EUR76)
Mrs Benita Hide (EUR76)
Mrs Denise Homer née Parker (EUR76)
Mrs Barbara Howarth née Anderson (BIO76)
Dr Chris Hutchison (EAS76)
Mr Roger Lang (SOC76)
Mr Andy Lovett (ENV76) and Mrs Gwyneth Lovett née Daniel (ENV76)
Professor Nigel Norris (ARE76) and Dr Jill Robinson (MED09)
Mrs Liz Pollard née Langdon (SOC76)
Mr Andy Scott (ENV76)
Mr Ray Thomas (SOC76)
Mr David Worsfold (SOC76)
Mr Steve Bowen (BIO77)
Mr Barry Breary (EUR77)
Mr David Castor (ENV77)
Mrs Fiona Coverdale née Shotter (ENV77)
Mr Jamie Cramp (EAS77)
Mr Nick Hodges (BIO77)
Mr Paul Hollow (LAW77) and Mrs Linda Hollow née Brownjohn (EAS77)
Mrs Christina Keith née Green (AHM77)
Mr Paul Martin (EAS77)
Mr Alan Messett (EAS78) & Mrs Alison Messett (EAS77)
Mr Alastair Mitchell (EAS77)
Mr Paul Moss (SYS77)
Mr Geoff Penrice (MAP77)
Mr Nigel Reed (SOC77)
Mr Gary Statham (SOC77)
Mr Kenneth Toye (ARE77)
Mrs Celia Turner née Carr (EUR77)
Dr Ian Warhurst (BIO77)
Mrs Sarah Allan née Chamberlain (EAS78)
Mrs Jane Crarer née Fletcher (EAS78)
Mr Richard Ellwood (AHM78)
Dr Jeremy Hawkes (BIO78)
Dr David Martin (BIO78)
Mr Michael Moore (ENV78)
Mrs Elaine Reilly née Johnson (EAS78)
Ms Sue Tomlinson (EUR78)
Mr Ian Appleyard (EUR79)
Mr Jerry Cave (SOC79)
Mr Terry Edwards (MUS79)
Miss Ann Hopkins (ENV79)
Mr Vic Hopkins (LAW79)
Mr Marc Milford (SOC79)
Mr Mark Symons (LAW79)
Mr David Thorniley (EAS79)
Mrs Penny Tranter née Barr (ENV79) and Professor Martyn Tranter (ENV75)


Mrs Joanna Barker née Green (SOC80)
Mr Christopher Beasley (DEV80)
Mr Robin Bolton (ENV80)(d.)
Mr Alan Bullimore (EAS80)
Mr Shaun Bullock (CHE80)
Mrs Rosalyn Burgess née Doggett (SOC80)
Mr Michael Dawson (LAW80) and Ms Deborah Sacks (MAP82)
Mrs Bev Dear née Hornsey (EUR80)
Mrs Catherine Doe née Douglas (EAS80)
Mr Michael Duncan (SOC80)
Mrs Kate Evans née Campbell (BIO80)
Mrs Fiona Gilbank née Hands (ENV80)
Mr Rajiv Gupta (SYS80)
Mrs Helen Hill née Sharrocks (EUR80)
Dr Gweneth Nneji née Mensah (BIO80)
Mr Neil Pitman (SYS80)
Mrs Heather Rawson née Lond (EUR80)
Mrs Carole Stone née Wilson (EUR80)
Canon Sally Theakston (ENV80)
Mr David Thompson (DEV80)
Dr Trevor Wignall (BIO80)
Mr Anthony Woolley (EAS80)
Mr Timothy Wye (MAP80)
Ms Kitty Inglis (EUR81)
Mr Richard Innocent (SOC81)
Mr Andrew Jones (CHE81)
Mr Christopher Mealing (DEV81)
Mr Ian Mitchell (EUR81) and Mrs Beverley Mitchell née Knight (MAP81)
Mr Shaun Pinchbeck (LAW81)
Mr Peter Rowe (MAP81)
Mr Mayur Shah (MAP81)
Mr James Small (SOC81)
Mrs Karin Stone née Fisher (EUR81)
Mr David Thompson (SOC81)
Miss Philippa Thorpe (EDU81)
Mrs Judy Wiles (EDU81)
Mrs Joan Ball née Reid (SOC82)
Mrs Catherine Bury née Bailey (EAS82) and Mr Clive Bury (CHE81)
Mr Paul Clutton (EAS82)
Dr David Davies (MAP82)
Mrs Vicky Dearing née Flach (CHE82)
Mr Jim Harding (EAS82)
Ms Liz Smith (MUS82)
Mr David Walpole (MAP83) & Mrs Caron Walpole (EUR82)
Mr David Woods (BIO82)
Miss Josian Andrew (AHM83)
Mr Mark Carman (MAP83)
Mrs Julie Dean née Myers (ENV83) and Mr Philip Dean (SOC83)
Ms Naomi Kosten (EAS83)
Ms Julie Light (SOC83)
Mr Jonathan Mardall (DEV83)
Miss Julie McBride (SOC83)
Mr Michael Morgan (SOC83)
Mr Harrison Ozanne (DEV83)
Mr Allan Peacock (SOC83)
Mr Ken Pocock (AHM83)
Mr David Roberts (EAS83)
Mr Howard Sayer (SYS83)
Mr Max Thompson (ENV83)(d.)
Dr Geoff Townsend (ENV83)
Mrs Beryl Amis (EDU84)
Mr Peter Cook (MAP84)
Dr Shelagh Crafer née Maingay (BIO84)
Ms Kathy Despicht (SOC84)
Mr Ian Dollimore (SOC84)
Dr Simon Halle-Smith (CHE84)
Ms Liz Harrap (SOC84)
Mrs Maureen Leveton (EDU84)
Miss Ann Northover (SOC84)
Mr John O'Sullivan (SOC84)
Mr Roger Paul (AHM84) and Mrs Rebecca Paul née Tooth (EDU84)
Mr Mark Phillips (DEV84)
Mrs Rosalind Pugh née Murray (EAS84)
Mr Jeremy Sanderson (SOC84)
Mrs Daphne Schiller née Widdecombe (EAS84)
Mrs Sue White née Pether (ENV84)
Miss Rose Boyle (EAS85) and Mr Steven Morley (SOC85)
Mrs Gill Dawson née Hoyle (AHM85)
Miss Sarah Drummond (AHM85)
Mr Richard Hodgetts (SYS85)
Ms Diane Ingledew née Oldham (EDU85)
Mr Hugo Judd (ENV85)
Mrs Samantha Michaelson-Yeates née Smith (ENV85) and Mr Julian Michaelson-Yeates (SYS85)
Dr Ian Palotai (CHE85)
Mr Stuart Beard (EUR86) and Ms Clare Draper (SWK93)
Dr Mark Cox (CHE86) and Dr Emanuela Cox née Pantano (MAP90)
Dr Margaret Gullan-Whur née Austin (SOC86)
Mr John Hull (EDU86)
Mr Mark Nightingale (MAP86)
Mr Mark Saunders (SOC86)
Mrs Vicky Scott née Pope (AHM86)
Mr Trevor Smith (MAP86)
Ms Carole Trone (EAS86) and Mr John Johnson III (EAS86)
Mr Christopher Yardley (EAS86)
Mrs Joanne Cohen née Phillips (EAS87)
Mr Ian McNicol (SOC87)
Mr Richard Scholfield (ENV87)
Dr Goksan Erdogan (SYS88)
Mr Christophe Halcrow (DEV88)
Miss Vivienne Lee (SOC88) and Mr Joshua Bailey (EAS88)
Mr Sikesh Manek (SOC88)
Mrs Marjorie Rhodes née Andrews (AHM88)
Mr Nicholas Skerry (SOC88)
Mr David Sutherland (MAP88)
Miss Claire Tuton (LAW88)
Mr Peter Burman (EDU89)
Mrs Amanda Crees née Palfrey (CHE89)
Mr Desmond Eason (EAS89)(d.)
Professor Stuart Gibb (ENV89)
Mr Paul Glennon (EUR89)
Mrs Zoe Mair née Brown (EDU89)
Mr Bob Shaw (ENV89)
Mr Gareth Tennant (EAS89)
Mr Ian Wakeling (SYS89)


Miss Suzanne Ansell (EUR90)
Dr Nick Bradshaw (BIO90) and Mrs Claire Bradshaw née Wilkins (EDU95)
Miss Gloria Chinery (SOC90)
Mrs Julie Cowell née Winchester (SOC90) and Dr Ben Cowell (SOC90)
Mr Anthony Dyer (MTH90) and Mrs Jeanette Dyer née Ritter (BIO90)
Dr Johnny Halsall (BIO90)
Mr Simon Jump (EAS90)
Mr Phill Kerr (SYS90)
Mrs Susan Lansdowne née Worman (EUR90)
Mrs Emma Moore née Robson (MTH90)
Mrs Deidre Porter née Wilson (EDU90)
Miss Joanna Snelling (EAS90)
Mr Neil Wiffen (EAS90)
Mr David Brown (SOC91)
Mr John Garrett (SOC91)
Mrs Margaret Malt (OPT91)
Mr Philip Shaw (ENV91)
Mr James Wood (EUR91)
Mr John Bishop (EDU92)(d.)
Mrs Sophie Court née Slater (ART92)
Mrs Joanna Culme-Seymour née Miller (SOC92)
Mr Humphrey Hammond-Chambers-Borgnis  (EDU92) and Mrs Jennie Borgnis (LAW96)
Ms Claudine Hilton née Bertram (LAW92)
Mr Daryl Hopla (SYS92)
Mrs Susan Margarson née Young (EDU92)
Mr Jim McDonald (EUR92) and Miss Clare Wechsler (EAS94)
Dr Charlotte Pascoe née Hearnshaw (PHY92)
Mrs Heather Ross née Back (OPT92)
Mrs Sarah Stephenson née Beddow (ENV92)
Mr Dermot Sugrue (ENV92)
Mr Christopher Taylor (LAW92)
Mr Robert Carlin (CHE93)
Mr Timothy Gill (SOC93)
Mr Stephen Holland (MGT93)
Mrs Susan Holland (HIS93)
Mr Mark James (MGT93)
Mr Mark Johnston (HIS93)
Mr Ifor Michael (MUS93)
Mr Alex Oldman (PHY93) and Mrs Karen Oldman née Read (CHE93)
Mr Stephen Powell (SYS93)
Mr Samuel Read (CHE93)
Dr Sarah Salih (EAS93)
Mr David Viner (SYS93)
Mr Adrian Watson (SYS93)
Mr Femi Awosile (CHE94)
Mr Daniel Bannister (ENV94)
Mr Graeme Carruth (EUR94)
Mrs Valerie Crewdson née Owens (SOC94)
Mr Andrew Daniels (ART94)
Mr Jonathan Denby (MGT94) and Mrs Louise Denby née Barrett (MGT95)
Mrs Rachel Emberson (NAM94)
Mr Mark Foden (LAW94)
Mr Alex Gee (EUR94)
Ms Nina Hilton (ART94)
Ms Lisa Hutchison (MGT94)
Mr Christopher Pallet (HIS94)
Mr Jim Perkins (SOC94)
Mr Robert Plimmer (DEV94)
Mr Matthew Redding (LAW94) and Miss Helen Vaux (EAS94)
Miss Susan Shutes (DEV94)
Mr Jon Treby (MTH94)
Ms Iona Wakely (SOC94)
Mr Chris Weeks (HIS94)
Miss Vanessa Whitcombe née Blackwell (BIO94)
Mr Ben Addison (EUR95)
Mr Iain Atherton (DEV95) and Mrs Julie Atherton née Burton (DEV96)
Dr Sonny Aung (HPP95)
Mr Daniel Barnes (HIS95)
Miss Kathryn Caley (SOC95)
Mr John Dady (MTH95)
Dr Sheila Dargan (BIO95)
Mr Stewart Fay (SYS95)
Mr Nigel Gore (LAW95)(d.)
Mr Kenneth Herbert (SYS95)
Mrs Naomi Jones née Wiggett (OPT95)
Mr Benjamin Kenny (BIO95) and Mrs Debora Cangiano (SOC95)
Mrs Ruth Loades (NAM95)
Mr Hannu Mikkola (LAW95) and Miss Ashveni Thathiah (LAW95)
Mrs Deborah Miller (EDU95)
Miss Sally Pearson (EUR95)
Mrs Carolyn Phillips (OPT95)
Miss Tash Sabbah (MGT95)
Mr Russell Turner (MTH95)
Mr Andy York (SYS95) & Mrs Caroline York (OPT95)
Mr Steve Brownett-Gale (HIS96)
Ms Cathy Carey née Stevens (EAS96) and Mr Christopher Carey (SOC96)
Mr Andrew Cole (SYS96)
Mr Steven Esdale (MTH96)
Mr Nicholas Glenister (CHE96)
Mrs Jane Green née Norris (EDU96)
Mr Michael Hurley (MED96)
Ms Amy Kingswell (LAW96)
Ms Madeleine Langford-Allen (EAS96)
Dr Henry McIntyre (ENV96)
Mrs Sally Muir (SOC96) and Mr Colin Muir (EDU85)
Miss Nikki Murphy (LLT96)
Mrs Mary Pandya (NAM96)
Mrs Sally Rundell (EDU96)
Mr Roger Sayer (SOC96)
Mr Omer Simjee (LAW96)
Mrs Gillian Trickett (HIS96)
Mrs Sally Willmott née Purser (LAW96) and Mr Julian Willmott (SYS97)
Mrs Florence Worley née Walker (LLT96)
Mr Gavin Bain (BIO97)
Mr Simon Cook (HIS97)
Miss Clare Geary (LLT97)
Mrs Hannah Grimley née Broome (EDU97)
Miss Emma Gulseven (EAS97)
Ms Ramona Herdman (EAS97)
Mr Andrew Hickley (HIS97)
Mr Alan Kerr (SOC97)
Mrs Claire Nicholls née Stacey (DEV97)
Ms June Roberts (SOC97)
Mr Mark Slade (SOC97)
Mr Nicholas Barrett (LLT98)
Mr Peter Bates (ENV98)
Mr Noel Butler (SYS98)
Ms Sarah Campbell (LLT98)
Mrs Sarah Cook (EDU98)
Miss Chloe Doherty (EAS98)
Dr Robert Knee (EDU98)
Mr Gavin Pugh (SYS98)
Dr Alex Sinclair (CHE98)
Mr Oliver Wright (EAS98)
Mrs Gillian Barwick (HIS99)
Mr Gautam Chawla (LAW99) and Mrs Catherine Chawla née Davidi (EAS99)
Mr Robert Crowden (EAS99)
Mrs Lesley Evans (EDU99)
Miss Frances Grant (SOC99)
Mr Nick Hills (SYS99)
Mr Neil Milton (EAS99)
Mr Thomas Wake (SYS99)
Miss Sarah Webber née Willett (HIS99)
Mrs Kay Wilcox (ENV99)



Mr Daniel Brown (MGT00)
Miss Jenny Castle (MGT00)
Miss Donna Clarke (LAW00)
Mrs Helen Donovan née Cleather (EAS00)
Dr Katherine Eames (ENV00) and Dr Neil Jennings (ENV04)
Miss Lindsay Edwards (SYS00)
Mr James Gilbert (HIS00)
Mr Paul Goodrum (LAW00) and Mr Gareth Ledsham (LAW97)
Mr Adam Gordon (ART00)
Mr Louis Hobbs (LAW00)
Mrs Pat Holtom née Jeffery (DEV00)
Mr Colin Jackson (SWK00)
Ms Hilary MacDonald (SOC00)
Miss Eleanor Marshall (SOC00)
Mr Paul Martin (SOC00) and Mrs Charlotte Martin née Howe (OPT00)
Mrs Joy Murphy (CCE00)
Mr Jonathan Symes (SOC00)
Miss Jennifer Whittlesea (SYS00)
Ms Becky Baker (DEV01)
Mr Mark Courtier (SOC01)
Mr Neil Ferris (EAS01)
Ms Gillian Kingsland (EAS01)
Mrs Jennifer Manser née Shevlin (MGT01)
Ms Elaine McKinna (EDU01)
Mr Laurie Mercer (CMP01)
Mrs Catherine Musson (NAM01)
Mrs Chanel Oswick née Chanel (EDU01)
Mr Sean Perry (LAW01)
Mr James Thompson (EAS01) and Mrs Rosie Thompson née Hill (SOC01)
Mr Kristian Tizzard (LAW01)
Mr Patrick West (MGT01)
Dr Stuart Alder (MTH02)
Dr Caroline Barratt (DEV02)
Miss Donna Boam (PSI02)
Ms Clare Currie (ART02)
Mr Andrew Forth (PSI02)
Ms Roshana Gammampila (LAW02)
Ms Jocelyn Hutt (FTV02)
Dr Rajeev Jeevananthan (MED02) and Mrs Kerry Jeevananthan née Wood (MED02)
Mrs Tristan Johson (NAM02)
Miss Joanne Luce (EDU02)
Mr Olatunde Odediran (MGT02)
Mr Simon Oldham (PSI02) and Miss Marcia Calvino Garcia (HIS02)
Miss Harriet Pile (AMS02)
Mr Matthew Redwood (SWK02)
Miss Anna Seaman (ENV02)
Mrs Joanna Shenstone (NAM02)
Mr Gareth Simkins (ENV02) and Miss Anna Orridge (EAS03)
Miss Jennifer Storey (LAW02)
Mr Howard Tidman (NAM02)
Mrs Jane Warren (LIT02)
Mr Richard Abrams (ENV03)
Miss Rowena Boddington (AMS03)
Ms Louise Cox (HIS03)
Ms Sally Davenport (LAW03)
Mr David Hopkinson (MGT03)
Mr Paul Humphreys (CMP03)
Mr Richard Hutchinson (NAM03)
Miss Meera Lodhia née Lodhia (PHA03)
Mr Kevin Loudon (MED03)
Dr Beatrice Lyons (MED03)
Mrs Michelle Noray-Samuel (SWK03)
Mrs Katie Pallant née Dawson (EDU03)
Mr Gary Pinner (PSI03)
Mrs Marguerite Ross (CCE03)(d.)
Mr Sherif Salaam (PHA03)
Miss Heather Taylor (AHP03)
Mrs Helen Walsham (LAW03)
Miss Katie Alderman (AHP04)
Mrs Irene Allen (LAW04)
Mr David Biggins (FTV04)
Mr James Burrough (HIS04)
Mr Mark Comlay (ENV04)
Dr Matthew Cotton (ENV04)
Miss Thalia Galloway (ENV04)
Mr Adam Honeysett-Watts (PSI04)
Miss Rebecca Lewis (AHP04)
Mr Norman Maciver (MED04)
Dr Stefan Mann (BIO04)
Mrs Daniella Mantle (NAM04)
Mr Timothy Maytom (AMS04)
Miss Sophie Myers (MTH04)
Ms Kate Parrinder (LIT04)
Ms Deborah Reeder (NAM04)
Mrs Alison Reynolds (AHP04)
Mrs Laura Shaanika née Isaacs (NBS04)
Mr Matthew Tucker (PHI04)
Mr Kanishka Wattage (BIO04)
Mr Mark Webster-Smith (BIO04)
Mr Alexander Allen (AMS05)
Miss Nia Cherrett (DEV05)
Mr Andrew Disney (LLT05)
Mr William Downing (AMS05)
Ms Rebecca Ellery (PHI05)
Mr Glenn Hitchcock (CMP05)
Miss Charlotte Jenner (LAW05)
Mr Gareth Jones (ENV05)
Mr Nicholas Karanicholas (ECO05)
Mr Christopher Keene (ENV05)
Dr Melanie Kennedy (FTV05)
Mr Andrew Leitch (DRA05)
Ms Susan Mathewson (EDU05)
Mr Colm Mckeown (DEV05)
Miss Astra Rudling (AMS05)
Miss Katie Sajnog (LAW05)
Mrs Sally Saunders (LAW05)
Dr Denis Skelly (BIO05)
Mr Nick Walker (ART05)
Mr Glen Watts (ENV05)
Mr Michael Amherst (LIT06)
Mr James Barton (LAW06)
Miss Catherine Burwood (ENV06)
Mr Jon Clark (HIS06)
Mr Jeffrey Compton (ENV06)
Mr Edmund Conyard (HIS06)
Miss Fritha Crosby (AHP06)
Mrs Hannah Eades (PHA06)
Ms Imogen Gowar (ART06)
Mr Matthew Havers (SWP06)
Mr Daniel Keates (EDU06)
Miss Emma Kinch (HIS06)
Ms Sarah Moll (EDU06)
Ms Nicola Riches née Richards (CCE06)
Mrs Christine Somerville (SWK06)
Mr Andrew Towers (LIT06)
Ms Rebecca Whitaker (LIT06)
Ms Trina Worden (PSI06)
Miss Claire Baldock (ENV07) and Mr Oliver Holland (HIS07)
Miss Toni Bladon (AHP07)
Miss Alice Brunt (ART07)
Miss Samantha Burton (BIO07)
Mr Liam Clarke (LAW07)
Mr Mark Davidson (CMP07)
Mr Simon Deplancke (PSI07)
Mr Craig Dewis (ENV07) and Miss Selina Young (LIT07)
Mr Andrew Dixon (ENV07)
Mrs Deirdre Farmer (NAM07)
Mr Nicholas Gammer (LAW07) and Ms Jude Gammer (HUM10)
Miss Yvette Garland (HIS07)
Miss Katie Gooda (AHP07)
Mr Robert Hambrook (SWP07)
Mr Dominic Henderson (MUS07)
Miss Laura Hitter (MTH07)
Mr John Kazer (NBS07)
Miss Julia Mallett (SCI07)
Mr James Mower (LCS07)
Miss Laura Reading (MTH07)
Dr Frederic Shearer (HIS07)
Mr Jack Swain (LIT07)
Mr Samuel Taylor (CMP07)
Miss Emily Ward (HIS07)
Mr Joe Wright (LIT07)
Mr Ayorinde Akinwumi (NBS08)
Mr Charles Ashford (PSI08)
Mr Robert Bristow (MTH08)
Miss Jaime Brown (PHI08)
Dr Tim Burnett (ECO08)
Mr Steven Camp (ECO08)
Miss Lauren Chandler (PHI08)
Miss Rosalyn Davies (ART08)
Mr Richard De-Heer (MED08)
Mr Jonathon Hacking (CMP08)
Mr Vaughn Highfield (HIS08)
Miss Chloe Johnson (ENV08)
Mr David Kelly (HIS08)
Mr Peter Kerr (NSC08)
Mr Anuj Kirpal (NBS08)
Mr Aaron Kok (MTH08)
Mr Joe Levell (AMS08)
Miss Stephanie Lewis (MTH08)
Mrs Linda Mcfarlane née Fox (EDU08)
Miss Paige McQuillan (HIS08)
Mr Alex Nisbet (HIS08)
Mr Andrew Pearce (ECO08)
Mr Theodore Penty (HIS08)
Miss Cheri Percy (LCS08)
Mr Aaron Porter (PSI08)
Miss Belinda Robins (SWP08)
Miss Elizabeth Robinson (CHE08)
Miss Rebecca Talbot (ENV08) and Mr Paul Drew (PSI08)
Mr Reginald Thomas (CHE08)
Mr Ketan Varma (PHA08)
Mr Duncan Vicat-Brown (HIS08)
Mr Jamie Warden (HIS08)
Dr Hannah Wells (BIO08) and Mr Thomas Howson (ENV11)
Mr Oliver Wolffe (PHI08)
Ms Jennifer Wong (LIT08)
Mr Simon Ball (ENV09)
Mr Oliver Broad (CMP09)
Mr Thomas Day (BIO09)
Mr Mark Douglas (ENV09)
Mr David Ellis (NBS09) and Mrs Carol Ellis (OPT95)
Miss Sarah Erskine (NBS09)
Mr Stuart Fallas (PSI09)
Miss Sara Fry (LDC09)
Mr Ewan Gadsden (NBS09)
Mr Waseem George (NBS09)
Miss Anna Gillespie (NBS09)
Miss Hannah Goran (LDC09)
Mr Jonny Griffiths (MTH09)
Dr Sophie Halliday (AMS09)
Mr Ferdinand Ley (PSI09)
Miss Barbara Likulunga (LAW09)
Mr Tom Livesey (ENV09)
Miss Shannon Lynch (BIO09)
Mr Giles May (BIO09)
Mrs Juliet Mungai-Kimani (PHA09)
Mr Daniel Pirozzolo (ECO09)
Miss Lydia Proudman (AHP09)
Dr Victoria Rangeley-Wilson (LIT09)
Miss Caroline Roberts (NSC09)
Mr Gurdas Sually (HIS09)
Miss Joanne Vessey (PHA09)
Mr Josh Whelan (ECO09)
Mrs Kirsty Wilmot (BIO09)


Mrs Juliet Pennington née Alton (ENG63)
Mr William Lack (MAP64)
Mr Bob Moss (EUR64)
Mrs Vivian Upton née Wynn (EAS64)
Mr John Bowles (EUR65)
Mrs Liz Feldman née Douse (SOC65)
Mrs Jane Graham née Longhurst (SOC65)
Ms Judith Mullington (EAS65)
Mr Raymond Abbott (MUS66)
Mr Nigel Adams (CHE66)
Mr Chris Dawkins (CHE66)
Dr Andrew Dempster (CHE66)
Mrs Phillipa Hardman née Faker (EAS66)
Mr Mike Jenkins (BIO66)
Mr Loz Milbourn (MAP66)
Mr Michael Roberts (MAP66)
Mr David Alderson (EAS67)
Mr Paul Butler (SOC67)
Mr Paul Castle (MAP67)
Mr Stephen Clark (CHE67)
Mrs Felicity Gallant née Cook (BIO67)
Mr Colin Heap (EAS67)
Mrs Deborah Leech née Barnett (EUR67)
Ms Jane Plumptre (EAS67)
Mr Clive Wilson (SOC67)
Mr Stewart Wright (SOC67)
Ms Jane Barkell (ENV68)
Ms Catharine Bickmore (ENV68)
Mr John Evans (EUR68)
Miss Ann Griffiths (ENV68)
Mr Paul Hipkins (EAS68)
Mr Christopher Hodgson (EAS68)
Mr David Hogg (EUR68)
Ms Kathie Jenkins (AHM68)
Mrs Pauline Maile née Day (BIO68)
Dr Michael Thorley (CHE68)
Dr Jack Ackrell (CHE69)
Mrs Imogen Graham née Locke (AHM69)
Mr David Higenbottam (SOC69)
Mrs Ginny Owen née Groom (AHM69)



Mr Peter Bates (SOC70)
Mr Clive Chandler (EAS70)
Mrs Liz Hoar née Clarke (EAS70)
Dr Alyson Learmonth (BIO70)
Mr Andy Mitchell (ENV70)
Mrs Sarah Andreoli née Jones (EUR71)
Mr Tony Bender (SOC71)
Ms Alison Carter (EUR71)
Rt Revd Dr Edward Condry (SOC71)
Mr Graham Hayter (EUR71)
Miss Anne Leva (EAS71)
Mr Roger Popplewell (EAS71)
Mr Paul Slater (EAS71)
Mr George Bye (CHE72)
Ms Clare Gittings (EAS72)
Mr John Higgins (MAP72)
Ms Valerie Morgan (EUR72)
Mr Andrew Bryant (BIO73)
Mr Richard Coxon (EUR73)
Mr Mark Hearsey (ENV73)
Mr Paul Middleton (SOC73)
Ms Anne Moizer (EUR73)
Mr Ian Weir (SYS73)
Mrs Eileen Howlett née Curtis (ENV74)
Mr Jim Saunders (ENV74)
Mrs Bernadette Turner née McCourt (EUR74)
Mr Kollyn Bailey (AHM75)
Mrs Caroline Fairbrother née Frith (EUR75)
Mr David Stokely née Davey (BIO75)
Mr Robin Buller (EUR76)
Mr John Jones (BIO76)(d.)
Mr Theo Theodoulou (SOC76)
Mrs Julie Gilbey née Atkins (ENV77)
Mrs Liz Teague née Kain (EAS77)
Mr Michael Whitehead (CHE77)
Mrs Anne Blackwell (EAS78)
Mrs Susan Carter née Hile (CHE78)
Mrs Imogen Hayward née Wolff (AHM78)
Mrs Carol Stephen (ARE78)
Ms Moya Leighton (AHM79)
Mrs Dorothy Phillips née Blenkin (DEV79)
Mr Ali Ramsay (EAS79)
Mrs Alison Shannon née Donne (ENV79)


Ms Jill Bradley née Davies (DEV80)
Dr Emily Gardner (BIO80)
Mrs Heather Robinson née Dugdale (EAS80)
Ms Sue Wedlake (SOC81)
Mr Malcolm Dunn (EAS82)
Mrs Lindsay Sumner (AHM82)
Mrs Katharine Murdie née Staples (EUR83)
Mr Daniel Ross (SOC83)
Mrs Jules Wake née Caplin (EAS83)
Mr Simon Heyes (SOC84)
Mrs Kathy Down née Hart (EDU85)
Ms Helen Keane (EUR85)
Mrs Gloria Parmesan (CHE85)
Mr Robin Wiltshire (EAS85)
Mrs Audrey Jamieson née Langley (EDU86)
Mr Kabul Sandu (EDU86)
Mrs Kathryn Wood née Wetton (BIO86)
Dr Francis King (HIS87)
Mr Bill Reekie (EAS87)(d.)
Mrs Jo Storie née Derbyshire (SOC87)
Mr Gareth Ellis (SOC88)
Mrs Jane MacDonald née Russell (LAW89)
Mrs Brenda Smith née Hunt (EDU89)
Miss Jane Twigg (EDU89)



Miss Annabel Bruce (EDU90)
Miss Angela Cook (MTH90)
Mr Anthony Coombes (EUR90)
Mr David Crowe (EDU90)
Dr Franziska Wadephul (DEV90)
Mr Simon Bean (ENV91)
Mrs Angela Crosthwaite née Francis (EDU91)
Mrs Paula Curtis née Wilson (EAS91)
Mr Malcolm Forbes-Cable (ENV91)
Mrs Marsha Parker née Ruben (ARE91)
Mrs Margot Paterson née Kuhne (EUR91)
Dr Rick Poynter (CHE91)
Mr Mick Saunders (EAS91)
Mrs Jane Scoggins (SOC91)
Mrs Susan Butters née Ramsay (EDU93)
Mr Terry Foster (EAS93)
Mrs Elizabeth Capes née Groocock (NAM94)
Ms Marie Sielman née Humes (SWK94)
Mr George Weitz (MUS94)
Mrs Angela Young (NAM94)
Mr Phillip Duigan (HIS95)
Ms Sheila Freeman (EAS95)
Mr Ben Grabham (EAS95)
Mr Jamie Moss (HIS95)
Ms Shelagh Nicholls née Robson (MGT95)
Mr Iain Blanchard (LAW96)
Miss Geraldine Copsey (NAM96)
Mr Raymond Hewitt (NAM96)
Mrs Ann Murray (ART96)
Miss Rachael Sangha (LAW96)
Mr Tomi Somolu (SYS96)
Mr James Wallace (HIS96)
Miss Amanda Clare (ART98)
Mrs Sarah Kinsley née Ward (ENV98)
Dr Jerome Pereira (HPP98)
Dr Stephen Bardle (EAS99)
Ms Vanessa Clark (CCE99)
Miss Barbara Cottier (HIS99)
Mrs Jessica Harveyson-Kelly née Harveyson (LLT99)
Dr Neil Johns (BIO99)
Mrs Angela Marsham (NAM99)
Mr Paul Mburu (MGT99)
Mr George Mccormack (ART99)
Mr Steve Xavier-Konrad (SYS99)


Mrs Frances Denby née Dibley (HIS00)
Mr Lee Hannington (MGT00)
Mrs Jessica Hardiment née Taylor (LLT00)
Miss Emma Hunt née Day (LAW00)
Dr Nicholas Arber (ART01)
Mr Julian Kirkpatrick (LAW01)
Miss Charlene Peters (SOC01)
Mrs Charlotte Tan (LAW01)
Mrs Jenny Walker (EAS01)
Ms Jo Davies (LIT02)
Miss Hannah Morris (EDU02)
Ms Teresa Wright (NAM02)
Ms Louise Rafferty (EDU03)
Miss Victoria Roberts (ENV03)
Mrs Christine Schaitel (NAM03)
Mrs Nicola Smith (NAM03)
Mrs Emmanuelle Bloch (NAM04)
Mrs Victoria Fox née Bower (PSI04)
Mr Sam Greenhalgh (LAW04)
Mrs Jemma Moran née Thake (LIT04)
Mr Peter Candon (LAW05)
Mr Stephen Jarrett (HIS05)
Mr Stuart McCallum (CMP05)
Mr James Milner (ENV05)
Mrs Jemima Mutimer (CHE05)
Mrs Sally Ollerton (NAM05)
Mrs Gina Roper (NAM05)
Mrs Anne Schuetz née Haver (PSI05)
Dr George Gilbert (HIS06)
Dr Jacqueline Harmon (HIS06)
Mr Colin Mcmillan (MED06)
Mr Jonathan Raven (ENV06)
Mr Andrew Stephenson (CMP06)
Mr Laurence Swain (PSI06)
Mr De' Ola Ayobiojo (CHE07)
Mr Edward Ball (LAW07)
Mr Dominick Baron (ECO07)
Miss Jodie Osborne (CMP07)
Miss Amy Staniforth (LIT07)
Miss Sarah Burdett (LIT08)
Mr Jack Burrows (FTV08)
Miss Vicki Chambers (CHE08)
Mr Edward Gasson (ENV08)
Mrs Joanna Lowe (AHP08)
Mr Cameron Maguire (BIO08)
Dr Diane Peacock (EDU08)
Dr Alice Shiner (AHP08)
Miss Claire Burman (CHE09)
Mr Tom Cannon (HIS09)
Miss Katie Grice (PHA09)
Mr Sameer Khazanchi (NBS09)
Miss Annie Rhodes (LDC09)
Ms Cordelia Spence (LDC09)
Mrs Kim Wheeler (MTH09)

Dr John Barkham
Mr James Brinded
Mr Derek Bryan (d.)
Mr Graham Denny
Lady Kay Fisher née Carnegie
Mr John Graveling
Ms Ann Guthrie
Mr Ray Johnson
Mr Ian Laird
Mr Robin Leggate
Mr John Mason
Mr David Morsley
Ms Diana Reynolds
Ms Jan Rodda
Mrs Lucinda Sloane
Mr Michael Wood
Ms Kathleen York
Old Catton Evening Womens Institute
London Lodge Tranquillus
The Church in Loddon
X and Y Ltd



Mr Christopher Carson (MED10)
Mrs Sue Dormer (AHP10)
Miss Natasha Emmamdeen (SWP10)
Dr Adrian Jackson (CCE10)
Miss Faye Andrews (CMP11)
Mr Nicholas Bolton (BIO11)
Mr Rob Borrett (NBS11)
Mr Michael Davis (NBS11)
Miss Shannon Humberstone (HIS11)
Ms Nicola Mccall (LAW11)
Mr Graham Moss (BIO11)
Miss Jess Orestano (MUS11)
Dr Richard Payne (BIO11)
Mr Jay Willis (LDC11)
Mr Elliot Byford (MED12)
Dr Morwenna Chaffe (AMA12)
Dr Georgios Iakovou (CMP12)
Dr Anna James (LDC12)
Mr Andreas Koulovasilopoulos (CHE12)
Miss Kerry Williams (HSC12)
Miss Jessica Wilson (HSC12)
Miss Jessica Cooper (PHA13)
Ms Emily Mcnamara (AMA13)
Miss Katherine Paterson (MED13)
Miss Ava Winter (ENV13)
Miss Latifa Begum (HSC14)
Ms Leetha Mathew (HSC14)
Dr Katy Saide (BIO14)
Mrs Saliny Santhosh (HSC14)
Mrs Tara Scott (CMP14)
Ms Fiammetta Ugolini (MED14)
Mr Michael Armitage (HSC15)
Miss Lola Dack (HSC15)
Mr Maurizio Baldassarre (LAW16)
Mr Richard Clancy (HSC16)
Miss Charlotte Manley (HSC16)
Mr Andrew Matthews (HIS16)
Miss Mary Podd (LAW16)

Ms Veronica Base-Gould and Mr John Gould (CHE70)
Miss Sian Compton
Ms Mollie Goodyear
Mrs Joyce Griffin
Professor Peter Spufford
Mrs Paula Stavri
Professor Howard Temperley
Mr Gordon Tilsley (d.)
Mr Robert Toynton
Dr Howard Van Pelt and Mrs Jennifer Van Pelt (EUR89)
The Savings Guru Ltd



Mr Alex Acott (BIO10)
Mr Johnathan Beechey (CMP10)
Ms Sandra Browne (HIS10)
Mr Charlie Dagworthy (LAW10)
Mr Lloyd Denvir-Parry (AMS10)
Miss Nadia El-Sebai (ART10) and Mr Sayed Mansoor Jalal (DEV10)
Miss Joanna Farnan (MED10)
Mr Alex Feuchtwanger (DEV10)
Mr William Gibbs (CMP10)
Mr Ben Greenstone (HIS10)
Miss Danielle Hamilton (AMS10)
Mr Alexander Hoss (ENV10)
Mr Lewis Jaffa (ECO10)
Miss Shruti Jain (BIO10)
Mr Benjamin Jarmin (ENV10)
Mr Lee Johnson (LDC10)
Mr Oliver Lee (ECO10)
Mr Kaize Lin (PSI10)
Mr Chein Low (NAT10)
Miss Natasha Milburn (DEV10)
Mr Obafemi Odele (NBS10)
Mr Oliver Pearson (AMS10)
Miss Amy Shaw (RSC10)
Dr Elizabeth Shedden (CHE10)
Mr Roy Sholay (EDU10)
Mrs Judith Spalding (HSC10)
Mr Jack Coleman (LDC11)
Mr Ryan Cornick (HIS11)
Miss Jenny Davies (PSI11)
Miss Lois Dawe (HIS11)
Mr Chris Durrant (ENV11)
Dr Tim Ellison (BIO11)
Miss Emily Fuller (HIS11)
Miss Sarah Gledhill (ENV11)
Miss Hannah Godfrey-Ward (HSC11)
Mr Stuart Harder (BIO11)
Miss Lorna Heap (LDC11)
Mr Mohamed Kamileen (BIO11)
Mr Ben Kinsella (FTM11)
Ms Miranda Langford (AMA11)
Miss Jeanette Lydon (PSI11)
Dr Gregory Mckay (MTH11)
Mr Jack Merrington (DEV11)
Mr Sean Pearce (PHI11)
Mr Thomas Percy (HIS11)
Mr Abdoukarim Sanneh (DEV11)
Mr Thomas Southerden (ENV11)
Miss Laura Stafford-Smith (LAW11)
Miss Timea Suli (PSI11)
Mr Nyasha Taruvinga (LAW11)
Miss Hayley Taylor (HIS11)
Mr Daniel Todd (MED11)
Mr James Van Roose (CMP11)
Mr Edward Walker (PSI11)
Miss Charlie Webber (HIS11)
Mr Toseef Akhter (PHA12)
Dr Fariba Alamgir (DEV12)
Miss Ellie Barry (NBS12)
Mr Samuel Bodkin (HSC12)
Dr Alexander Calderwood (BIO12)
Ms Margarida Ferreira Lopes (LAW12)
Mrs Tanya Hardy née Corbett (MED12)
Mr Chris Harfield (CHE12)
Mrs Anita Hargreaves (MED12)
Mr Piers Harrison-Reid (HSC12)
Mr Jake Montanarini (FTM12)
Miss Ella O'Brien (PPL12)
Mx Robert Sinclair (BIO12)
Miss Laura Taylor (BIO12)
Ms Joanna Thompson (LDC12)
Mr Will Beazley (ENV13)
Miss Chantelle Cohen (PPL13)
Mr Neil Coppin (CMP13)
Dr Ksenia Frolova (AMA13)
Miss Rebecca Paice (HSC13)
Miss Barbara Ashby (PPL14)
Mr Frederick Corbett (HIS14)
Miss Alison Craggs (ENV14)
Miss Laura Gosling (EDU14)
Ms Sarah Johnston (CMP14)
Mrs Rachel Read (LDC14)
Mr Thomas Reynolds (BIO14)
Miss Ayoola Sobowale (ECO14)
Miss Pamela Furness (HSC15)
Ms Myroslava Halibey (NBS15)
Mrs Alena Mizinova (DEV15)
Mr Benjamin Pinsent (AMA15)
Miss Mattie Richetto (AMA15)
Miss Rachael Grant (DEV16)
Mr Taine Hodgson (PPL16)
Mr Paul Ryan (PPL16)

The following donors have left a legacy to UEA in their Will:

Mr John Chittock
Mr Brian Copeland (DEV87)
Mr Bernard Francis (HIS02)
Mrs Helen Fuller
Mr Mike George (BIO69)
Mr Sydney Glossop (SOC84)
Mr Barrie Hawkins (HIS97)
Mr Bill Hemming (d.) and Mrs Roselies Hemming (d.)
Professor Jimmy Jones
Mr John Jones (BIO76)
Mrs Bridget Kenrick (EAS80)
Dr Brenda Leckie (BIO63)
Mrs Doris Lessing
Dr Michael and Dr Joyce Morris
Mr Tim Pickup (CHE67)
Lady Lisa Sainsbury
Professor Norman Sheppard
Miss Rosamund Strode
Mrs Margaret Trillian née McIntosh (ARE87)
Mr Dick van der Ven
Mrs Ena Warminger

Gifts in Memory    

Donations to Creative Writing Scholarships in memory of Professor Colin Clarke, founding member of the UEA School of English in 1963.