ONE Research Experience Placement (REP) funded at UEA by BBSRC NRP-DTP for Summer 2021

Details and Eligibility Criteria

Funding is provided for this Research Experience Placement (REP) by BBSRC, but the project will be student-led. The REP will take place at UEA during the summer of 2021 and the successful applicant will be employed at the Real Living Wage level, with £500 provided for research expenses.

Students that are interested to apply for the REP should review the available research topics (see below), identify one that interests them and then contact the named researcher to ask if their interests can be accommodated within the research topic and group. If the named researcher is able to accept the student, a suitable project should be planned and submitted (by the student) for evaluation following the instructions below.

Applications will be assessed by a panel drawn from staff within UEA’s Faculty of Science, evaluating the research potential of the applicant, quality of the project proposal, suitability of support and training provided to the student, and appropriateness of the timetable of activities and objectives of the REP. The outcome of the evaluation process will be known at the end of May 2021.

Eligibility of Students 

Selected students must be: 

  • in the penultimate year of their first degree studies 

  • registered for a basic science (including mathematics and engineering) or veterinary degree at a UK university 

  • on track to obtain a first or upper second class UK honours degree

Preference will be given to students who wish to use the placement to find out more about their suitability and aptitude for further research, particularly if the project is in an area of science different from their main subject area. 

Duration of Placement

The UEA REP will be for up to 8 weeks during summer 2021 (between 28/06/2021 – 10/09/2021). Standard hours of working will be 30 hours per week (6 hours of research each weekday), but flexibility will be considered to a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Application Process

From Monday 26th April 2021 (approximately) the scheme and available projects will be advertised via the UEA web site. Applications to the scheme should be submitted by students by 5 pm on Thursday 20th May 2021 to

The application should consist of:

  • The CV of the applicant (up to 2 pages).

  • A statement of up to 200 words outlining why the applicant wishes to undertake an internship and what they hope to get from it.

  • A project proposal (agreed with the supervisor) that must not exceed 800 words and should include:

    • Description of the project, including a title, brief background, the aims of the project, details of the investigation to be performed and the methods to be used. Up to three literature references may be included and the reference list does not contribute to the word limit.

    • Details of the role of the student in the project, including what arrangements will be made to supervise the student and the training provided to the student. 

    • An approximate timetable of activities to be undertaken and objectives to be achieved during the placement.

    • Figures can be included in the proposal, but note that figure descriptions (legends) contribute to the word limit.

The application should also include details about the proposed working pattern during the project (agreed with the supervisor), including dates of working and hours to be worked each week. These details are for information only and will not be assessed.

Available Research Topics 

Titles of the available research topics and names and contact details of supervisors are as follows: 

Research Projects 

Appropriate research projects will: 

  • have a clearly defined objective 

  • be within the remit of BBSRC and relate to a relevant strategic area 

  • be suitable for an undergraduate student to sensibly complete within the timescale of the award 

  • not be part of the normal degree course or propose that the student undertakes the research outside of the UK 

  • give scope for thought and initiative on the part of the student and should not use the student as a general assistant

Support and Reporting of the REP 

Funding for this REP is provided by BBSRC, with the research to take place at UEA during the summer of 2021. The successful applicant will be employed at the Real Living Wage level, with £500 provided for research expenses.

The student and associated research group are required to submit a brief report on the outcome of the REP to BBSRC within three months of completion of the placement. Further details will be provided to the successful applicant.