What is the Race Equality Charter? 

The Race Equality Charter (REC) is a national framework provided by AdvanceHE aimed at improving the representation, progression and success of racially minoritized staff and students within Higher Education and Research in the UK. 

The framework requires institutions to examine institutional and cultural barriers placed in the way of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff and students. By reflecting on internal practices in a systematic manner, institutions develop an ongoing action plan to bring about long-term, sustainable change. The REC was established in 2015 and, as of January 2023, there are 98 Race Equality Charter members, holding 38 institutional awards between them.


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UEA also submits to AdvanceHE‚Äôs gender equality charter, Athena Swan. The key difference between the charters is that Athena Swan takes School-based submissions, whereas the REC is institution-only. 

UEA committed to the principles in October 2018 when David Richardson, Vice Chancellor, signed the Race Equality Charter agreement. Our REC Working Group was established in October 2019 and has recently been restructured into a larger self-assessment structure to ensure a thorough submission and action plan is produced.

Both the Project Groups and the Working Group are comprised of staff and students from across the university of a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and supported centrally by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Office. The activities of the groups include reviewing currently held data, overseeing the implementation and analysis of REC surveys, and guiding the direction of the submission overall as well as the action plan.

UEA is currently working on our first submission to the REC, with a planned submission date in 2024.

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