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PhD study

Centre members have collectively supervised over 50 PhD students working on water-related research. Example topics include climate change and water, water allocation, irrigation governance, hydroelectric dams, integrated water resources management and water and health.

We welcome enquiries and research proposals from strong potential PhD candidates in the field of water security. Interdisciplinary and cross-School supervision is possible. Please consult our people pages for details of staff interests, and the website of the School you are interested in applying to for details of the application process.

For further information on current and completed PhD research, see our list of PhD researchers


UEA-Sustech Split-Site PhD studentships

Based on mutual research interests, UEA has established a partnership with the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), based in Shenzhen, China. As part of this collaboration, 4-year funded studentships supporting joint research projects through the UEA-SUSTech Split-Site PhD Programme are available. Students registered to this programme will carry out research at both UEA (Norwich, UK), and SUSTech (Shenzhen, China). For full information, visit


Here from Xian Li and Yixin Hu about their experiences so far:

Xian Li

"I am Xian, the second-year postgraduate researcher at UEA-SUSTech split-site programme. I was very luck being able to embark on my PhD journey with UEA and Sustech. I have entered the field in which I have never thought I would be, and have earned experiences that I would never forget.

During my first year in this programme, I laid foundations of my professional knowledge and skills, especially of quantitative methods and programming. Learning things from scratch can be nerve-racking but I managed tackling the obstacles along the way with wondeful support from my supervisors and peers. And I am so glad that my efforts paid off by publishing my first academic paper recently. After studying in both China and the UK, I am able to say both universities offer students positive learning environments, advanced facilities and great possibilities to grow. I am really looking forward to what is next in the forthcoming years as this programme itself is full of surprises, and I would strongly recommend students who are ambitious and adventurous to join in this programme with me".  

Yixin Hu

 "The biggest impression about UEA is that everyone here is warmly nice and welcoming. The induction week is well-designed and quite informative, making me quickly familiar with the campus and well-prepared for future life here. The staff at UEA are very helpful. They respond to emails and handle my problems patiently and efficiently. There are all sorts of clubs, groups and societies, among which you can always find something that is of your interest. There are also groups especially for PhD students, offering a great range of activities and opportunities for us to socialise and develop networks with others. Another thing I like about UEA is that there is a lovely space with big windows at the library exclusively for PhD students to work and research. I love to spend a whole afternoon there enjoying the plentiful sunlight and beautiful lake view beside the window. Overall, UEA is a wonderful place for PhD life".