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*New MSc Scholarship Funding in Water Security*

A new scholarship opportunity is being offered by the Water Security Research Centre and The Ashton Partnership to an eligible candidate of the MSc in Water Security and International Development for the 2015-16 academic year. The 'Ashton Partnership Scholarship in Water Security' offers the scholarshiprecipient an award of £6,500 as a reduction to tuition fees for the academic year. Full scholarship details are available at this link.

Applications are welcome from applicants from all countries and should include a CV, a covering letter and an essay on water security. Scholarship application form available here.

Deadline for receipt of applications is 1 June 2015 and early applications are encouraged.


MSc Water Security and International Development

This innovative MSc programme interprets ‘water security' in its broad political ecology and political economy sense, and critically reflects on the practical and theoretical dimensions of ‘water security' drawing on the latest research and practice. Students will graduate with the knowledge and tools to understand the wider context, whilst being able to audit the water security of a system of interest; be it nation, region, company, sector, project or household. More information is available on the MSc Water Security and International Development course page or download a course flyer (pdf)


Water Security for Policy Makers and Practitioners short course

The University of East Anglia Water Security Centre and London Water Research Group combine their expertise to offer this contemporary, innovative short course. Bringing their respective strengths in water politics, climate change, agricultural water management and water allocation, this course provides participants with an exceptional chance to acquire an understanding of a key issue globally: water security. Visit the Water Security short course page for more information or download a course flyer (pdf)

PhD Research on Water Resources, Governance and Security

Centre staff have supervised over 40 PhD students working on water-related research. Example topics include climate change and water, water allocation, irrigation governance, dams in Africa, and integrated water resources management in Botswana. We welcome inquiries on doctoral training.

Post-doctoral and Professional Development

We offer capacity building through post-doctoral positions and via our Visiting Fellows programmes. Recent visitors have worked on food and water security in Asia, transboundary issues in the Nile Basin and modelling in Tanzania. Contact Sarah Gore or Deborah Lee at International Development UEA for further details on tailored training.

Visiting Professionals and Sabbaticals 

Our group would be pleased to hear from you if you wish to stay at UEA to work with us on research broadly related to water security i.e. food security, energy security, national security and conflicts, the human right to water.
Our research group is holding on-going discussions on plans for other possible training courses held internationally. Contact Sarah Gore or Deborah Lee for more information.


The Water Security modules made an excellent learning experience. Both the theory and practise module complement very well and encourage multi-dimensional thinking in a subject that is highly complex and touches upon a wide range of contexts (water law, water economics, human, national, trans-boundary water security and conflict to name but a few). The innovative teaching methods included a policy role play, policy briefs and the River Basin Game as a problem solving approach. There couldn't be a more memorable way of learning than practising methods right in the classroom.

The learning experience was especially rewarding thanks to the lecturers' high dedication to hands-on teaching, i.e. students calculated the water needs of a hydrological system of their choice after a briefing on using excel. This makes a remarkable difference to studying 'as usual' in academic environments and to applying critical thinking in professional life.
Verena MSc Water Security & International Development 2011/12


As an Alumni Distinguished Scholar at Michigan State University, I completed a senior honours thesis on food security in the Middle East and North Africa. During my literature review, I came across Mark Zeitoun's work. An email from an unknown undergraduate to a busy UK faculty member produced a speedy response, a request to apply to the MSc Programme in Water Security and International Development, and an invitation for a meeting to discuss options.
The friendly and welcoming response impressed me, and that openness to and care for students has continued during my year at the University of East Anglia. As a 2012 Marshall Scholar, I had my choice of universities in the United Kingdom. I chose UEA's MSc in Water Security and International Development because of its unique focus on multilateral nature of water – political, economic, social, and physical – and its interactions with other global issues like food, energy, health, poverty. The programme has rounded and expanded my understanding of the many nuances present in the interdisciplinary study of water. I have been encouraged to attend various conferences and professional events around the globe; meeting with some of the world's edgiest foremost around water and MENA regional politics.
The year has been an incredible and unforgettable one, personally and professionally. A hearty thanks to the faculty, staff, and students in the School of International Development for their amazing work, and a strong encouragement to anyone interested in issues of water, food, energy, climate change, and/or development to put the MSc in Water Security and International Development from the University of East Anglia at the top of your list!

Rebecca Farnhum, Water Security & International Development 2012/13