Centre members

Director: Dr Jessica Budds: political ecology, water privatisation and markets, urban water and sanitation, water and economic development, the hydro-social cycle, Latin America.

Dr Victor Bense: basin scale groundwater flow.

Dr Steve Dorling: climatology, food security, air pollution meteorology.

Dr Gareth Edwards: ethics of environmental governance, water & climate change governance, climate justice.

Dr Marisa Goulden: adaptation, transboundary water.

Dr Helen He: hydrosystems modelling, hydrologic prediction, fuzzy modelling.

Prof Kevin Hiscock: hydrogeology, groundwater chemistry, catchment management.

Prof Paul Hunter: Editor in Chief of Journal of Water and Health, spread of infection through drinking water.

Prof Bruce Lankford: irrigation systems and WRM, allocation, governance, games in natural resources.

Dr Ruth Welters: natural environment; use of scientific evidence in policy-making; use of economic approaches to the natural environment.

Dr Mark Zeitoun: transboundary hydropolitics, negotiations and diplomacy, national water security, water law.

Professor Dabo Guan: environmental economics, scenario analysis on environmental impacts, water resources accounting and management.

Dr Roger Few: floods, health and vulnerability.

Ms Jo-Anne Geere: safe drinking water, health impact of domestic work.

Dr Tim Osborn: natural climate variability, climatology of daily precipitation, identification of possible future climate changes.

Centre Coordinator: Susan Conlon


Associate UEA staff members

Dr Vasudha Chhotray: micro-watershed governance, livelihoods.

Dr Ben D'Exelle: irrigation water sharing, equity, experimental games.

Dr Oliver Springate-Baginski: governance, watershed management, forests-water links and wetlands, livelihoods, equity. 

PhD researchers

Richard Cooper: river water quality, phosphorus, suspended sediments, catchment management.

Catherine Grasham: hesitate to irrigate in semi-arid Ethiopia.

Danyel Hampson: riverine faecal pollution modelling, choice experiments.

Hussam Hussein: transboundary water and climate discourses in the Jordan River.

Virginia Hooper: science and policy of water allocation.

Recently Completed PhDs

Nina Hissen: water security, the Nile Basin, climate change, conflict and cooperation.

David Blake: the politics of smallscale irrigation support in Thailand.

Anthony Colman: water sector reforms in Botswana.

Ahmet Conker: hydropolitics of the Tigris and Euphrates Basin.

Matthew England: flood management, GIS, policy analysis, research and advocacy, water supply and sanitation.

Centre Research fellows

Prof Declan Conway: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE, Professorial Research Fellow.

Dr Nick Hepworth: Water Witness International, Director and freelance consultant.

Jeremy Loveless: Oxfam Great Britain, Senior Humanitarian Strategy Advisor.

Dr Naho Mirumachi: Kings College Department of Geography, Lecturer.

Stuart Orr: WWF-International, Freshwater Manager.

Dr Paulette Posen: GIS analysis of land use/water quality relationships, catchment modelling.

Suvi Sojamo: PhD researcher and freelance consultant on water governance and corporate engagement on water.

Dr Dave Tickner: WWF-UK, Head of Freshwater

Ms Rebecca Farnum: PhD Candidate in Geography, King's College London - discourses of environmental conflict and cooperation, food and water resources.

Mr Luis Paulo Batista da Silva: PhD Candidate in Geography, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – hydropolitics of the La Plata basin.

Ms Rocio Juliana Herrera: PhD Candidate, Karlsruhe Institut of Technologie (KIT), Germany - the use of water in the upper Río Negro, Patagonia (Argentina), analysis and regulation based on political ecology.