UEA Water Security Research Centre (WSRC)

The UEA Water Security Research Centre applies world-class natural and social science to address important theoretical, practical and policy challenges of managing water sustainably in a rapidly changing world.

The Centre draws upon the unique skills and experience of internationally-renowned researchers in the School of International Development and the School of Environmental Sciences to address key water security and related issues from the individual to the global level through inter-disciplinary research, teaching and capacity-building.

Latest News

ICRC Report: Urban Services during protracted armed conflict: A call for better approach to assisting affected people.

A major report exploring the relationship between water, war and human well-being by the International Committee of the Red Cross, co-authored by Dr Mark Zeitoun of the WSRC, is now available online https://www.icrc.org/eng/assets/files/publications/icrc-002-4249.pdf. Read a summary by the report's authors, Jean Philippe Dross, Michael Talhami, Evaristo de Pinho Oliveira and Javier Cordoba (ICRC); and Mark Zeitoun (University of East Anglia) on the Humanitarian Practice Network blog.

Prof Timothy Osborn, UEA and the University of Nottingham: "The Water Cycle in a Changing Climate"

In a Special Edition publication for the 7th World Water Forum by Words Into Action, Professor of Climate Science and member of the Water Security Research Centre, Timothy Osborn, presented his multidisciplinary work with UEA and the University of Nottingham, arguing the need for the implementation of measured adaptation mechanisms in regions where increasing population and climate change will combine to exacerbate issues such as water scarcity and flood risk. Read the full article here.

Prof Bruce Lankford: "One cubic metre: a reflection on water for mystery, learning and peace"

In a recent post for the Reinventing Peace blog, Professor of Water and Irrigation Policy at UEA and core member of the Centre, Bruce Lankford, illustrates the fascinating forms and behaviours of water sometimes taken for granted and the potential of recognising these multiple attributes to bridge management perspectives: https://sites.tufts.edu/reinventingpeace/2015/04/30/one-cubic-metre-a-reflection-on-water-for-mystery-learning-and-peace/

Water Security at the World Water Water Congress XV, Edinburgh, 25 - 29 May 2015

UEA Water Security teamed up with Kings College London, London Water Research Group, University of the West of England and the University of Arizona for three Special Sessions at the World Water Congress on Tuesday 26th May in Edinburgh. In a day-long series of presentations and discussions, over 25 leading academics and practitioners explored the policy for transboundary water allocations and governance and debating the emerging concept of water security.