World Art Research Seminars

Spring 2021 Series

World Art Research Seminars - Spring 2021

Free online seminars offered by UEA's School of Art History and World Art Studies

Wednesdays, 2.30-4.00pm

All welcome - organised by Dr Ed Krcma

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10 March

Olivia Croyle - The Metal Letter in Medieval London before moveable type

Olivia Croyle is working on a collaborative doctoral PhD project between UEA and the Museum of London. Olivia will be speaking about her ongoing research into forms of inscription in medieval London

As a centre of both book production and trade, later medieval London created and consumed textual traditions both on and off the page. This talk takes an intimate look at inscription through the small metal possessions of medieval Londoners. Inscriptions on such quotidian objects often consist of only a few words, with idiosyncrasies in letter-forms and spelling sometimes obscuring their meaning. Yet the playful use of the metal letter can also make these trinkets richly communicative. 

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17 March

Dr Daria Melnikova - Futurism between Russia and Japan

This talk introduces Russian Futurist David Burliuk (1882–1967) and Japanese Futurist Kinoshita Shūichirō (1896–1991) as major agents in shaping Futurism in the early 1920s in Japan. The two artists organized exhibitions of the Futurist Art Association and delivered lectures on new art; furthermore, Kinoshita published the Futurist statement “Awaken! Friends! To Fellows of the Futurist Art Association” (1922), and they collaborated on the book What Is Futurism? We Answer(1923). Infused with Japanese and Russian indigenous themes, their “incomprehensible paintings” synthesized the theoretical and stylistic modes of Italian Futurism with anachronistic notions of progress and spirituality as a path out of Western modernity.

Event image caption: David Burliuk, Fishermen in the Pacific (South Sea Fishermen), 1921, oil on burlap, 19 1/4 x 68 1/2 in. (49 x 174 cm). Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT, Gift of Collection Soci.t. Anonyme (artwork in the public domain; photograph Yale University Art Gallery)

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24 March

Dr Giuliana Borea - Questioning global art


28 April

Dr Jessica Barker - The Padrao and early colonialism


5 May

Dr Alexander Wragge-Morley - Aesthetics at the Royal Society

12 May

Dr Aila Santi on Anjar and the Islamic Urban Enigma

19 May

Dr Ramon Amaro - Machine learning and race

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