LGBT+ History Month

A month-long celebration of the lives of those in the LGBT+ community and the history of the movement

February marks the arrival of LGBT+ History Month and the celebrations are already kicking off on campus.

Members of UEA Pride told us the importance of celebrating the LGBT+ community’s long history and how you can get involved with celebrations- whether you’re an LGBT+ member yourself or an ally.

LGBT+ History Month is a celebration of the lives of those in the LGBT+ community and the history of the LGBT+ movement and aims to promote equality and diversity across communities. Since 2005, the month has been celebrated up and down the country with many events to mark it, including a full schedule of online events at UEA.

In keeping with this year’s theme, ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’, UEA Library will be displaying the work of those in the LGBT+ community with an online LGBT+ reading and film list, and UEA Staff Pride will be hosting discussion events for the films: Carol, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Moonlight, and Pride.

There will also be a book club to discuss representation of LGBT+ characters in literature.

UEA Staff Pride online LGBT+ History Month events* include:

*joining links are for events open to UEA staff and students

Tuesday 2 February, 5.30-6.30pm

Quiz: LGBT+ Staff Pride and LGBT+ Allies

Wednesday 3, Tuesday 9, Friday 19 and Thursday 25 February, 7pm

Film discussions: 

3 February: Carol

9 February: Hedwig and the Angry Itch

19 February: Moonlight

25 February: Pride

Thursday 4 February, 1-2pm

Talk by Paulo Pepe: Queer: Made in Angola: Titica, Kuduro and Queer Blackness - in partnership with MA Gender Studies

Friday 12 February, 8-9.30pm

Open-Mic night with Kit Rackley

Monday 15 February, 10-11.15am

Training: LGBT+ Mental Health for Mental Health First Aiders with Jumara Stone

Contact: for joining details

Tuesday 16 February, 7pm

Book Club: discussion on LGBT+ representation in literature

Wednesday 17 February, 1-2pm

Talk by Joanna Semlyen: LGBT+ Health: New and Enduring Inequalities

Thursday 18 February, 2.30-3.45pm

Talk by Jumara Stone: Gender Protocols and Identities Briefing

Contact: for event invitation

Monday 22 February, 12.30-1.30pm

Talk by Fi Liew-Bedford from local charity - the Norfolk LGBT+ Project: What, How and Why We Do What We Do


All events will be taking place via MS Teams and are open to UEA staff and students (unless stated otherwise).

Please follow the links above or instructions to join our events.

Email with any queries

We look forward to welcoming you!


LGBT+ History Month Calendar

Read more about UEA Staff Pride


Do Something Different Events for LGBT+ History Month

Do Something Different (DSD) provides so many ways to celebrate, learn and get active. There’s something for almost every day of the month of February with events coming from all parts of the university. The first week of events kick off with:

  • The Marxist Society hosts a discussion called ‘How do we secure LGBT+ Rights?’ focussed on Bell v Tavistock (04 Feb)

  • The Bisexual Experience, an event hosted by the Womanist Society discussing representation, attitudes, inclusivity and history (06 Feb)

  • GeekSoc hosts a discussion on The Matrix as part of a month-long celebration of films championing LGBT+ creators (07 Feb)

The second week of February has even more events lined up, including a workshop by the Terence Higgins Trust on a ‘Timeline for Gay Rights’ (10 Feb), and a panel led by UEA students on recent trans controversies called ‘We are not a debate’ (11 Feb). Further in the calendar you can learn how to make your own reusable pad with Bloody Good Period (15 Feb), meet Dr Clara Barker, an inspirational trans-woman scientist from Oxford (17 Feb), and Queer Prom Royalty (25 Feb) featuring games and prizes.

See all DSD Events