Innovations in learning disability practice

European Learning Disabilities Collaborative Webinar

Innnovations in learning disability practice

Join European speakers from the European Learning Disabilities Collaborative for a free online webinar

Monday 1 March, 12.30 - 4.00pm

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Session descriptions below:

Session 1: Inclusive Education: a life changing qualification. The German project Inclusive Education is worldwide unique and tackles the social isolation of people with learning disabilities via qualifying them in full-time (over three years) to be fully paid lecturers at universities. The participants teach on life realities of people with learning disabilities in all areas and their inclusion comes in different formats such as lectures, workshops and speeches. The project will be co-presented by Alexander Finke (qualified lecturer with a learning disability) and Professor Fabian van Essen.  
Session 2: Inclusive Practice: Lessons from the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, working to tackle inequalities through their projects and helping to ensure people living with learning disabilities are given opportunities for engaging in research, consultancy and policy developments. This presentation is co-presented and co facilitated by Peter and Christine .  
Session 3: Inclusive Research: Join two of the countries leading research professors, who share their experiences of working to promote effective research that can inform and influence all aspects of our learning disability practice from Prisons to Pastures new. This presentation is co-facilitated by Professor Ruth Northway, and Professor Eddie Chaplin. 
Session 4: Inclusive Partnerships: The need to work across boundaries and form effective partnerships are essential throughout learning disability practice. Listen to the work that is being undertaken across the NHS and University sector to promote and stimulate close partnership working that promotes employability for the field of Learning Disability Practice. This session is being co-facilitated by Jo Delree (Head of Division for Mental health and learning disabilities) and colleagues from Guy’s and Saint Thomas’s NHS Trust, London) 
Session 5: Inclusive Policy and Practice. Leading change through the lens of leadership, codesign and commissioning. Transformational change doesn't occur within a vacuum. This session will focus on the place of leadership, codesign and commissioning through policy and person-centred practice change. The presentation will draw from current National Policy (England) linking to changing practice, a key focus will be on transformation through the lens of collective leadership, codesign with users of services and their supporters linked to commissioning.
Session 6: Inclusive Learning: Have you ever had the chance to really learn, learn things that change your thinking, being and doing. Well come and hear from Giselle Cope,at the Foundation of Nursing Studies, share in some of the work taking place focused on promoting and enabling effective workplace cultures, where all can flourish. 

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