What if we stopped pioneering the fight against disease?

We believe that every able student who wishes to go on to university should be given the opportunity to do so – no matter what their social background.

We remain committed to be socially inclusive attracting the best and brightest minds delivering the most able and talented graduates to the employment marketplace


The Difference we've made

  • Between 2009 and 2016, we have changed the lives of 547 of our students by offering scholarships ranging from full fees throughout their undergraduate degree, to grants to support them during their year abroad.
  • Many have gone on to lead, pioneer and make a difference in their fields. And for students of any social background, a UEA education is a gateway to new opportunity: an impressive 94 per cent of 2010/11 graduates were employed or in education within 6 months of graduating.
  • We have also awarded over 50 ‘The Difference' Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships since 2013. You can read 'thank you' letters from recipients of both 'The Difference' Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships to see the difference gifts to this area of the Campaign have made already.

The further Difference we'll make

With the additional support to be raised through The Difference Campaign we will:

  • Create a further 500 scholarships  by 2021 – all the more important in today's climate of reduced funding, increased fees, and rising international competition for talent.
  • Redevelop the historically significant Earlham Hall to create a high-quality environment worthy of our position in the top one percent of the world's universities – and a free legal clinic to serve the local community.
  • Nurture a culture of scholarship giving that will become central to UEA's identity – and make a difference to the lives of generations of students to come.

Recognising Significant Support

Naming Scholarships


£20 million