What if we stopped pioneering the fight against disease?

UEA produces world-leading research into the study of our Environment, with Norwich ranking 4th for the number of most highly cited scientists, behind only Cambridge, Oxford and London.

Working with key partners on the Norwich Research Park, we are delivering solutions to global challenges including food and energy security, sustainability and climate change.

With your help, we will develop a new science building equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, encouraging interdisciplinary teaching and allowing the flow of ideas to move more easily between our students.

We also plan to replenish the pool of talented young researchers, by creating further studentships and fellowships to allow research into wider areas of environmental research, for the benefit of us all.


The Difference we've made

  • Back in 1972, UEA dared to ‘Do Different' and created its famous Climatic Research Unit. The Unit went on to create the first simulations to explain past climate change. Today it produces the foremost global data set of land and sea temperatures, which shows – unequivocally – that our planet has been warming since 1850.
  • The Climatic Research Unit has had a seminal influence on the development of international climate-related policies. UEA has fielded more authors of UN reports on climate change than any other university in the world.
  • And yes, we are also known for "Climategate". In 2009 a Climatic Research Unit back-up server was hacked and emails published – out of context – by climate-change sceptics. It is testimony to our influence that we were targeted in this way. Our science has since been fully vindicated.
  • Today we are as focused on the solutions as we are on the science. We recognise that the challenges posed by climate change are complex and too important for any single institution to answer. Hence our lead role in the multi-university, multi-disciplinary Tyndall Centre, created in 2000 to develop strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The further Difference we'll make

• Invest further in our existing research areas by providing new studentships and fellowships, ensuring that the UK plays its full part in preparing for the impacts of environmental change.
• Create a new interdisciplinary science building, housing state-of-the-art laboratories to allow the bright young minds of the future access to the work of their peers, providing them with a full picture from which to pursue and develop groundbreaking research techniques.
• Partner with leading academic institutions in other countries – targeting high-growth economies such as India and Brazil. The Fudan Tyndall Centre shows what can be done if only we can share best practice internationally.

Recognising Significant Support

Naming Chairs, Naming Fellowships & Studentships


£20 million