The Allan Buch UK Scholarships The Allan Buch UK Scholarships

The Allan Buch UK Scholarship Programme


The Allan Buch Scholarships are awarded annually to two students from across the University of East Anglia. Each student is in their second year of study and is planning on studying at the University of California, Berkley Campus for their third year of study as a year abroad. The Scholarship will support their studies during the study abroad period.



To be eligible, students must:

  1. Be enrolled on the second year of their undergraduate study in any Faculty.

  2. Have plans to undertake a year abroad in their third year of undergraduate study.

  3. Have been accepted to study at the University of California, Berkeley Campus during their third year.

  4. Have achieved at least 60% in the assessments for their first year.


    Value of award


    The Scholarship is worth £1,000, which is paid as a grant payment.


    Selection process

    The Scholarships will be awarded to the two students with the highest overall score in their first year of study who also meet all of the criteria in rule 1.


    If more than three students who meet all of the criteria in rule 1 are tied for highest marks, representatives from the Study Abroad Office and the Schools to which the students belong will allocate the Scholarship. They may consider:


    Academic potential.

    Financial need.

    Contribution to School.

    Availability of other Scholarships.


    Scholarship terms

  5. The recipients of these Scholarships cannot simultaneously hold any other UEA Year Abroad Scholarship. If the recipient obtains an award of a larger value than the worth of this Scholarship, their Scholarship can then be passed to a reserve candidate.

  6. The Scholarships may be divided, but only in the event that a Selection Panel has been called on to judge applications. They may determine that a number of applicants equally merit the award.

  7. If no candidate is judged to be of sufficient merit, the Scholarships will not be awarded.

  8. The Scholarships are subject to terms and conditions which must be formally agreed to by the recipient before the award is made.