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What are the benefits of doing a year in industry? Sasha, Birmingham


Our Answer:

If you're looking to gain a significant amount of work experience before completing your degree, this could be a good option for you. 

A degree which offers a year in industry is sometimes also called a ‘sandwich course’. This is when you study for two years, then spend your third year working in a job related to your studies, and then return to university for your final year.

A year in industry offers you excellent practical work experience, which can really help when you’re looking for your dream job after graduating. You’ll apply what you've studied at uni in the real world, which can help you gain confidence in a work environment. You'll also get a good opportunity to try out working in an industry and find out if this is what you want to do in the future.  

Have a look at our Course Finder to see which courses we offer with a year in industry at UEA.


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