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I'm a potential Politics, non-EU student and I'm keen to participate in a work placement through the Erasmus+ programme, am I eligible? Yen, Malaysia


Our Answer:

Hi Yen, thank you for getting in touch with us through #AskUEA!

The short answer to your question about eligibility is yes – any student can undertake a placement in Europe and can get an Erasmus grant. This isn’t exclusively for EU students, providing you meet the usual standard terms & conditions (such as it being a minimum of 90 days placement, and being part of your degree). 

However with our Politics degree this would only allow for a semester abroad (generally second semester of second year) and that would have to be a study placement at one of our partner universities. It would not allow for a work placement.

Typically work placements are only for Language or Science students, so the study abroad option might be best for you.

If you are interested in studying abroad you can find out more about the opportunities, and our partner institutions, on our webpages.


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