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Do you happen to have courses related to wildlife? Dorah, Entebbe


Our Answer:

At UEA, we offer courses in the School of Biological Sciences that could be of interest to you, in particular, our Ecology degrees.

Our School of Biological Sciences has an excellent reputation with world-class academics and facilities.

You may be interested in our BSc Ecology course and BSc Ecology (with a Year Abroad). Studying Ecology will allow you to look at the behaviour of organisms, how they evolve and how they interact with environments of a physical and biological nature. Please read the course descriptions for both the BSc Ecology course and BSc Ecology (with a Year Abroad) for more information on exactly what you’ll be able to study, their course structures and information on how you can apply.

A really great benefit of studying Ecology at UEA is that being in Norfolk, where habitats and environments are diverse, means our students our able to engage with field-based projects. A great addition to lectures and seminars!

If you decide to take the option of studying the BSc Ecology (with a Year Abroad) your year abroad could be spent in a range of countries, giving you a fantastic chance to broaden your experiences and enhance your knowledge of new environments.

Studying the BSc Ecology course could also give you the option of going overseas for field courses during your final year if you wish to.

Please take a look at our course finder to see if there are any other courses you’d like to study. 

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