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Can you choose any subject combination for a joint honours degree? Elizabeth, Essex


Our Answer:

Joint or Combined Honours programmes allow you to study two or more subjects as part of one degree.

UEA offers a number of courses combining subjects that complement each other, such as a BA in Literature and History, or Geography and International Development. If you haven't already, take a look at our Course Finder to see what other combinations we offer.

Some of our courses also include compulsory and optional modules borrowed from other subject areas. For example our BSc in Physics contains both Mathematics and Environmental Sciences modules, among others.

If you can't find the combination you're looking for in our Course Finder, it's worth exploring the UCAS website to understand what's on offer, on a wider scale, as it may be that we're not able to offer the joint degree you were hoping for.

Have you thought about MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)? These are free online courses offered by many universities, accessible to everyone, and often lasting around 6 weeks, depending on the course. UEA has a few of its own, and continues to create more, as they are a fantastic way of learning more about particular areas of interest, at your own pace, without any financial commitment. There's often an option to gain a certificate of completion, and it could be a great solution to filling gaps in knowledge, if you really can't find a course that ticks all your boxes.


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