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Can I study more than one subject? Charlie, Glasgow


Our Answer:

Yes, absolutely! Studying a joint honours degree (as its often referred to), allows you to combine subjects and interests, as well as broaden your understanding.

One thing you do need to bear in mind when combining subjects is whether they complement each other; related subjects tend to work better together. For example, Literature and History, Mathematics with Business or International Relations and Modern Language are great combinations.  

One of our courses at UEA even offers three subject in one; Philosophy, Politics and Economics. And for a broader approach to the sciences, look out for Natural Sciences.

Also, lots of universities have a modular course structure, where you have a mixture of compulsory and optional modules. This means that alongside the modules you have to study as part of your degree, in your second and/or final year you might also have the opportunity to take a module in a different subject. 

Have a play with our Course Finder to see if UEA offers your perfect combination. 

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