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Can I study for a Master's degree Ben, Bristol


Our Answer:

My, my - what enthusiasm! You haven’t even begun your undergraduate degree with us yet and already considering further study options! There are some courses (mainly in science subjects) where you can choose an integrated Master's option straight off the bat. To find out which subjects offer this option, search for MSci in our course finder.  
For all other courses, let’s jump forward a few years into the future shall we… 
You’ve purchased your tickets to the Graduation ceremony. Gown hire? Done. Haircut appointment? Sorted. First class degree? In the bag. All that’s left now is to pursue that future career, become a raving, international success and publish an autobiography on how you did it. You’ve been talking to Career Central since your second year about options and funding. You have had an incredible few years at UEA and really don’t want to leave… 
That’s when UEA chimes in with a little reminder that “you don’t have to leave to go far”. You consider this for a moment. Continuing your studies at UEA. Researching your area of expertise up there with professional scientists, literary agents and entrepreneurs. You’d become an extremely employable professional. Your studies would become tailored to your interests. You could go on to lead research that shapes the world…  

And guess what? As a UEA graduate you could get a scholarship of up to 50% for a postgraduate degree.This might vary year on year, but details of scholarships can be found on our website.  

So although it’s early days, UEA will definitely help to guide and financially support you if you realise that you don’t have to leave us to go far.  

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