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Can I study abroad, and how much does it cost? Matt, Lincoln


Our Answer:

Lots of our courses give you the opportunity to study or work abroad for a year or a semester - an incredible opportunity to expand your horizons. We have partnerships with universities all over the world in North America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Where you spend time abroad will depend on the course you choose.

Our Course Catalogue has a handy filter so you can specifically search for courses that offer the opportunity to study overseas.

Our advice would be to start saving as soon as possible, so you can make the most  of your time abroad. There isn't an all-inclusive price, but you'll need to budget for accommodation, food, travel and other living costs.

The good news is you'll pay a reduced tuition fee to UEA for your year abroad (and you wont need to pay any tuition fees to the host university). Currently this reduced fee is £1,350 rather than £9,250 for the year (figures correct at 2017). 

Financial help is also available to students such as the Travel Grant which may pay some of your travel expenses.

To get an idea of what its like to study overseas, have a look at our blog UEA on the Road.

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