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If I finish the year with an average grade of 69.5%, does this get rounded up to a first? James, London


Our Answer:

Getting 69.5% in any year of your studies is a great achievement – and also slightly irritating that you haven’t reached that golden 70%! If you are doing a 3 year undergraduate degree, a first would not be awarded on the marks from one year of study, but the combined marks received in your second and final years.

Depending on which year you get your 69.5% will depend how much your 69.5% will count towards your final degree mark. In most standard 3 year UEA undergraduate degree courses, this is how the marks break down:

  • Year 1 – your end of year marks do not count towards your final degree classification but you need to get at least 40% in each module to pass the year and progress to year 2.
  • Year 2 – this year will count as 40% of your final degree
  • Year 3 – this year will make up 60% of your final degree classification     

If you get an aggregate of 70% over your second and final year you will be awarded a first. If you get an aggregate of below 70 the Board will look at your marks and consider the classification you will be awarded. 

I hope this helps!

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