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Dealing with homesickness? Jonny, Newcastle


Our Answer:

Homesickness is a big factor for some people when heading to university. Whether you’re going 20 miles or 200, this is likely the first time you’ll have properly left home, so it’s perfectly normal to feel it.

But, first things first, don’t panic, because there’s lots you can do to help yourself and there’s lots we can do to help you too.

Before you even think about applying, a good question to ask yourself is how you think you’d feel living closer to home or miles away. It’s important to remember that just because your friends want to go the other side of the country, it’s not for everyone. There’s benefits to both, but knowing how you think you might cope is a really good starter. Try going to open days and get a feel for a campus as this will help you see whether it’s a good fit for you. UEA offers a variety of visit opportunities, so make sure you see which one you’d like to attend and get booking!

So what if you’re feeling really homesick when you’re actually here?  If you’re living in halls, it’s likely you’re not on your own on this one so don’t be harsh on yourself. If you feel up to it, get socialising with others in your flat and try not to lock yourself away in your room. There’s lot to do together on campus, and once you make the initial move, you’ll forget quite quickly how homesick you felt. Flatmates are like a second family, so get exploring together around our great campus, go get something to eat or drink together, or go for a fun night out in the LCR to break the ice.

If you’re feeling a little on the shy side, we’ve also given advice on how to make friends and what to do if you’re a shy student.

We have a fantastic Student Support Service on campus, so if you need to talk with someone then this service is available to you. All contact information can be found here

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