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When is the UEA societies fair for Freshers? Chloe, Wiltshire


Our Answer:

A “fresher” is a new student at a university, and the term is based on the American term “freshman”. Freshers’ Week, commonly known as Welcome Week here at UEA, is an opportunity to meet other students enjoying their first week at university – allowing you to get to know your flatmates, your course mates, and those with the same interests as yourself. The week begins when the majority of students arrive into accommodation, and runs for a whole week.

Here at UEA during the first week of term there are usually introductory lectures and seminars, as well as some basic registration tasks to get you into the swing of university as soon as you arrive. It also gives you a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with all of the buildings and facilities that you’ll be using during your time at university, and to get to know the lecturers and those on your course.

Our Student Union organises a lot of the social events that take place in Welcome Week. These can include society taster sessions, themed parties, live music and sports, pop-up shops, and much more.

During arrivals’ weekend (the weekend you move in), you’ll be mostly focused on getting to know your flatmates, and organising your room for the next year. The big event during this weekend is the Welcome Party in the LCR (usually on first the Sunday evening), with activities in this venue every evening of the week.

During the daytime in this week there will be the Societies’ Fair to find out more about the different clubs and societies the university offers, and Freshers’ Fair to meet local businesses and find out more about what Norwich has to offer. Some companies give away freebies too – so it’s well worth going along to!

The week usually culminates with another big LCR event on the following Saturday evening – marking the end of the week.

You are not obliged to attend all of the events, but attending some of them is a good chance to socialise with the people you’ll be living with for the next year.

The full dates and details about what takes place in Welcome Week will be provided nearer the time, and your university usually sends it to you via post or email after A-Level Results Day.


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