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What time does a typical day at UEA start and finish? Rebecca, Norwich


Our Answer:

Good question! There is no one size fits all answer, and the number of contact hours will vary depending on the subject you’re studying. 

The timetabling slots each day run from 09.00, with most classes finishing by 18.00. On the very rare occasion, teaching might go on until 20.00, but this is not the norm. Again, when your classes are scheduled will depended on the course and modules you take. All students have access to their personal timetable through an online system called e:Vision, with details of times and locations of each class. 

The majority of student will have Wednesday afternoons free – this is a long standing tradition and is when a lot of the inter-university sports matches happen. If you’re not in a sports team, this time will be free for you to do whatever you want to.  

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