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What extra curricular and career related opportunities can English Literature and Creative Writing students get involved in? Rowan, Southampton


Our Answer:

Hi Rowan. Thanks for your question –the simple answer is there are a lot of opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities involving literature and writing. I spoke to Dr Clare Connors from the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing and this is her response:

There’s an absolute wealth of literary activity going on at UEA, and in Norwich. For a start, there’s Lit Soc and Creative Writing Soc, not to mention Drama Soc.

There are also all sorts of poetry and prose readings and open mic nights, most notably the brilliant, festive, UEA Live events where every fortnight or so UEA students read out their work – alongside a published author at a sociable public event. 

Our students also get involved in writing for the newspapers Concrete (run by the UEA Students' Union) and The Tab, or working for the student radio station Livewire. We regularly have undergraduates go on from each of these into careers in print or radio journalism. 

In a more academic vein, informal groups and activities often spring out of particular modules: so, for example, students studying Virgil last year became involved giving lectures to members of the public about a modern art exhibition in Norwich based on the Aeneid, students of Renaissance Literature threw themselves into an event called Unlocking the archive and the critical theory module has developed a vibrant reading group, in which students at all levels of study meet together to think about different philosophical approaches to literature. 

In short, the main complaint our literature and creative writing students have about their literary social life is that there is so much of it that they have to choose between equally enticing events!

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