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I live in Norwich, and I'm worried that by going to UEA, I won't get the 'university experience' Charlotte, Norwich


Our Answer:

The experience of attending university is up there with the course itself, and it is a big decision choosing which uni you wish to be a part of. UEA has consistently achieved high rankings for student experience - take a look here to see more of UEA's fantastic stats.

I was faced with this same question when I was looking at universities, and decided staying at home in Norwich and attending UEA was for me. I didn’t miss out on the ‘university experience’, as I got involved with clubs and societies that interested me, tried new things, made great friends on my course and other courses, and ended up being their tour guide for our fine city of Norwich!  

I choose to stay local as UEA offered the course I wanted to be a part of, and I loved the campus atmosphere with its accessible transport links to commute in each day. The journey in was the perfect time to skim over lecture notes and get prepared for the day ahead.

Staying local allowed me to have a wide social group with a good mix of my new uni friends, my friends from school, and work colleagues from my part-time job which I kept while studying at UEA, plus seeing family as I was still close to them. It enabled me to save money and carry on with my part-time job, which enabled me to expand my experience as a student, as I could afford to be a part of extra activities, events and nights out, which might have been on a tighter budget if I had moved away.     

If living in university accommodation is something you want as part of your university experience for your first year, then you could always apply for UEA accommodation. You could even move in with friends you make during your university experience in the years following your first year, when they are moving out of their UEA accommodation and into private, rented accommodation; so options are still open to you whatever you choose. 

Local undergraduates make up around 20% of UEA’s student population, so you are not alone being local and also part of UEA. UEA offers a wide range of courses, clubs and societies, and of course there is also the wider culture of Norwich. 

‘University experience’ is subjective, and everyone wants something different from their time at uni. What I think is true when it comes down to ‘university experience’, is you get out what you put in. My best advice is to weigh up the options, pick the university that offers what you want - somewhere you feel you can have a great time and get involved, be part of the course that interests you, and create opportunities you will want to make use of after your degree.   


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