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I am a shy student, would living in halls help my confidence? Shannon, Barnsley


Our Answer:

The experience of living in halls is just one of the experiences uni life has to offer. Halls are a great place to start life as an independent student and can help boost your confidence in a number of ways. You’ll often find that other students feel exactly the same way as you, and it won’t be that everyone is confident when they arrive. There’s that mix of worry and excitement which new students experience starting university but don’t feel alone as your fellow flatmates, course mates and support networks at university are there for you and to enhance your experience and to help you settle in.   

There are a number of ways to break the ice, attending events with your flat mates or just having those initial chats when you first meet each other will definitely make you feel less shy and you’ll find you’ll meet so many people; by the end of the year you won’t feel this is such a daunting thing anymore. There are also lots of other ways you can boost your confidence too, such as joining societies that suit your interests so that you mix with a variety of people outside of your flat and try new things too to develop your interests and skills.   

University is a place where meeting people becomes part of your daily life and we think this is the perfect chance to be yourself and build on self-confidence!

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