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How simple is it to move from another country, find a job and accommodation (either on campus or in Norwich)? Kaity, Tasmania


Our Answer:

Travelling to a different country on your own to study can be a daunting experience, however at UEA we can help make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. We offer a meet and greet service from some airports and stations. You’ll be met by a UEA representative who’ll be able to assist you to UEA.

There are certainly opportunities to take up a job whilst studying, both on and off campus. We recommend that you look at your timetable to see when you would be able to work to ensure this is realistic and won’t affect your studies. Depending on the course you choose, your contact hours (i.e when you’re in seminars/ workshops/ lectures) will differ. Once you know this, you’ll then be able to look into what type of work you want and can commit to. UEA's campus based CareerCentral offers part-time jobs, internships and more! The fact this service is on campus makes it accessible to pop in and visit them to get advice when it suits you, but if you’d prefer you can also access their MyCareerCentral service which is a 24/7 online facility where they advertise job opportunities and provide career resources.

Similarly, UEA offers a Student Ambassador and Student Guide schemes which gives students the chance to work on a variety of different roles during their studies, from helping out on Open Days to working on Summer School projects. You’ll be able to choose the hours that best fit your studies plus it looks great on your CV. 

UEA Students' Union also provides job opportunities so that you can earn cash whilst studying. You’ll find their job opportunities here.

There are also students that choose to work in the city, so this is also an option worth exploring!

If you’re an international student who has never studied with us before, you’ll be guaranteed on-campus accommodation in your first year. Take a look at our accommodation information for international students. You will be able to apply for accommodation after your first year too if you choose.

After your first year if you can move and live off campus. UEA Students’ Union manages a private sector letting agency called Homerun, which is a based on campus. All landlords who advertise their properties for students will have been approved by UEA. There are also no agency fees!

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