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Can I study a language separate from my degree, as a night course or anything? Nell, Devon


Our Answer:

Here at UEA we provide our students with an array of opportunities to enhance experience and knowledge. Here are a few options for you to choose from to fit around your degree and personal life to explore your language of interest:  

Depending on your course profile you might be able to pick up the language module you are interested in as part of your degree. There will be a few factors to take into account with this such as timetable clashes with your core/other modules you wish to study but worth chatting with the academic staff on your course and in your language of interest to see if this is an option for you.  

If you are a first year student in UEA’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities you will be able to study a language free of charge as a non-credit module (doesn’t count towards your degree) but develops knowledge and experience for free and you get a certificate! Explore the options here.  

UEA offer Daytime and Evening Language Programmes for a majority of languages which you can get involved with alongside completing your degree. These classes are offered at a variety of levels from beginners to advanced to learn a new language or develop your linguistic skills.  

An option to explore the language and culture of your interest further is to join the societies aligned to your interest to have a chance to develop your understanding and meet new people with shared interests. UEA has over 200 societies, take a look at the cultural ones, if there isn’t a society that takes your interest you can create your own. 

Bonne Chance!  

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Buena Suerte! 

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