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Do all universities have competitive women's football teams? Chloe, London


Our Answer:

OK, I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that *most* universities will have a competitive women’s football team (but don’t quote me on that!). If you have a look on the British Universities and Colleges Sport website, you’ll be able to see all the inter-university games that take place. You’ll also be able to see the universities who send a women’s football team to take part, so there’s a starting point for you. 

From a UEA perspective, we have a women’s football club, which welcomes both competitive players and those who have never kicked a ball before. Most of the UEA sports clubs will have a first team and also opportunities for beginners or recreational players. And there will also be those who join a team just for the social scene! 

At UEA, we are also fortunate enough to be home to the Sportspark, which has its own Soccerpark as well as facilities for everything from swimming to trampolining and climbing to a full-equipped fitness studio. 

The UEA Women’s Football Club were also featured in our video, 200 Societies.

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