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Are there any ice rinks near Norwich and does UEA have a synchronised ice skating team? Jessica, London


Our Answer:

Hi Jessica, ice skating is not something I am an expert at (in fact, I’m pretty bad at it!), but we do have a club at UEA. The Student’s Union has over 200 different clubs and societies you can get involved in as a UEA student, one of them being UEA Avalanche, the Ice Hockey and Figure Skating club. To get a better idea of what they get up to, have a look at their Facebook page

Of all the facilities that we have in Norwich, we don’t have an ice rink, but this doesn’t seem to stop these guys from taking part in a sport they love. They train at Planet Ice in Peterborough and members are transported to and from UEA. 

To get an idea of all of the other sports available at UEA have a look at all of the Union Clubs and the Sportspark

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