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how long does it take to complete a business PhD? Alireza, Huddersfield


Our Answer:

PhD programmes usually last for a period of three years (or six years if you are completing a part-time PhD).

Norwich Business School at UEA offers students different pathways to a doctorate. Those yet to develop sufficient disciplinary and research technique training are encouraged to take the Master of Research (MRes) degree; those who have previous training will be able to register for a PhD immediately, subject to meeting our entry requirements.

Your first year of your PhD will be considered a probationary period and is considered as the design phase in which you will work closely with your supervisor and design the study.

Please take a look at the Fully Funded PhD Studentships in Social Sciences: Business Management that are available and please check the criteria to see if they are appropriate for you. When you’re ready here’s how to apply for your place as a research student at Norwich Business School here at UEA.

Norwich is a great city to undertake your postgraduate study and UEA is a friendly and welcoming campus university that is vibrant and diverse. If you have any further questions you can get in touch with Dr Min Zhang who is the Director of Postgraduate Research at Norwich Business School.  

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