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What are the tuition fees for courses with a year in industry? Lorraine, Twickenham


Our Answer:

There are a number of courses at UEA that offer a year in industry option, ranging from BA Geography all the way to BSc Actuarial Sciences, BEng Engineering and beyond. These degree programmes are typically four years in length with a work placement during the third year. The benefits of studying a course with a year in industry are numerous, but don’t worry if you find yourself wondering how this affects your tuition fee… it’s a very important question!

Year abroad and year in industry courses have a lower tuition fee. You will gain invaluable work experience and leave university as a highly employable graduate, it is plain to see that it pays to study a course with a year in industry.

For the latest information on tuition fees, please see our fees and funding guide. Take a look at the current Year in Industry courses available at UEA

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