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Is it easy to apply for a student loan? James, Brighton


Our Answer:

If you'd asked that question 10 years ago I might have turned my nose up thinking about all the paperwork, but now it's all online and is a simple step by step process. All you need to begin is your national insurance number and your passport, and a visit to the Student Finance website.  

Your parents or carers will also need to provide some supporting information about their income - they can log in online to submit this. 

The important thing is to make a note of your reference number as you'll need this to log back on and access the online system!

You can find more information about how to apply for a loan in the Fees and Funding section of our website. There's also details of the scholarships and bursaries offered by UEA, so it might be worth having a look to see if there's anything relevant to you.  

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