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How much will tuition cost since I'm from another country? Brianna, USA


Our Answer:

Tuition fees are something we get asked about a lot. The cost varies depending on whether you are classed as a Home/EU or International student, and whether you’re looking to do an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

We have lots of information about tuition fees on our website, and a specific section for International students too. As the cost of tuition can change from year to year, its best to go and have a look at our website to find the most up to date information. 

We also offer a number of scholarships and country specific scholarships too. 

Of course, when you’re thinking about going to university, whether within your country or abroad, there are other costs to consider alongside tuition fees. You’ll have to factor in travel, accommodation, food and your social life. Norwich itself is considered a pretty student-friendly city with respect to the cost of living. We’ve had a question submitted about this very topic, which may be worth checking out.  

There’s also a useful online international student calculator that will give you a better idea of budgeting for studying overseas.

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