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How much does it cost to go to uni? Sammy, Leeds


Our Answer:

There are two main costs associated with going to uni, your tuition fees and your living costs. For UK and EU students, fees are usually £9,000 per year* and for International students, it is usually a little more*.  

The key thing to remember is that for UK and EU students, there is no upfront cost for your tuition. You take out a tuition fee loan meaning you only pay for your time at uni once you've graduated and you're earning over £21,000 a year.*

Aside from your tuition fee, you'll have some extra costs  – accommodation, food, travel, textbooks etc. Luckily, for UK students, there's an extra loan here too, This loan contributes towards the costs of these extra things and for some people, will cover it completely. To find out exactly how much you'll be eligible for, visit the student finance calculator.  

In order to plan a sensible budget, we recommend considering the type of accommodation you would like (is it worth saving a bit by sharing a bathroom), thinking about how much you're likely to spend on food, whether you'll have many textbooks to buy and how much you want to set aside for the fun stuff too. And don't forget lots of students have a part-time job when at uni to bring in a few extra pounds!  

For more detailed information on fees and funding, visit our finance pages.


*All figures are correct at time of publication, but might change. For the latest facts and figures, please visit Student Finance England and UEA's finance pages.   

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