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First things first there aren’t any mountains in Norfolk but we do have a range of woodlands, waterways and coastal areas for you to explore on your mountain bike.

Thetford Forest is just a short trip from Norwich and seems to be the go to place for mountain bikers, there are a range of trails for you to try out through the large forest – take a look at the cycle trails at High Lodge in Thetford Forest as a starting point.

Visit Norfolk have a cycling routes and organised tours webpage – take a look to see if there are any cycling events you wish to be a part of. Visit Norfolk also give an excellent overview of biking in Norfolk for more information. Norfolk is famous for its broads waterways and there are many scenic cycle routes for you ride on to take the broads by bike.

Meet like-minded cyclists here on campus and be a part of UEA’s Cycling Club. They have socials and events and had a mountain biking trip out to Thetford Forest last year. After all the trips you will be doing you might need a bit of maintenance for your bike, we have our very own Dr Bike here on campus for all your bike maintenance and repair needs.

If you fancy going further there are lots of excellent mountain bike trails in the UK, here’s what Mountain Bike Rider have chosen as their 20 best mountain bike trails in the UK. Once you’ve explored what Norfolk has to offer you can make a trip of it and explore what the UK has to offer for mountain biking. 

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