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Does the campus have a post office, and if not where can we get our mail sent to? Josh, Great Yarmouth


Our Answer:

The University has both a Post Office (part of the Student Union’s Shop) and a Post Room on campus. 

If someone sends a parcel or letter to your unique postal address at the University the mail will go to the Post Room. This is based in the centre of campus - opening times can be found here. As our Post Room is manned throughout the week it offers peace of mind that someone will keep your post secure, and you will not have to wait in to sign for online deliveries when they are posted here.

The campus Post Office is there to oversee sending letters and mail back to your friends and family, and for delivery returns too. Opening times can be found here. The shop also sells all you need to package up your mail including envelopes, boxes, sellotape, and bubblewrap.

If you need help working out what your unique UEA postal address is you can find out more details on our Portal pages

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