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What is a scheme code? Bethany, Bury St Edmunds


Our Answer:

While applying for university you will come across a range of terms used throughout the process and its best to understand what they mean to help you through applying and getting your place at university 

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) use a wide range of terms and to get down to it and answer your question UCAS describe a scheme code as “used along with your Personal ID to identify your application In their jargon buster.

To dig a little deeper the scheme code refers to how many cycles you apply to go to university. For example if you apply for a course with 2017 entry your application will have a scheme code of UC01 and if you apply for a course with 2018 entry too that application will have a scheme code of UC02 and so on. This is explained in UCAS' Admissions Guide

Check out UCAS' handy video above explaining a few more terms that you will use in your application for university.  

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