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What do you look for in a model student? Ella, London


Our Answer:

So you want to be a ‘model student’? Good for you! Our students are a diverse bunch, coming from all over the world, with a huge range of passions and commitments. There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to being an ideal student, either during your time at university, or when you present yourself in your UCAS application. If you really want to shine though, our lecturers Dr Clare Connors and Dr Sarah Monks have some suggestions: 

‘The students we accept here do have one thing in common - they have a genuine interest in the subject they’ve applied to study: 

  • Use your UCAS personal statement to illustrate your subject interests – tell us why you’re interested in Psychology, or English Literature or History, etc., and which aspects of the subject interest you.  
  • We also look for a desire to learn new things about the world every day (past and present), a questioning mind, and willingness to find your own answers to the problems it poses. 
  • You’ll probably also want to tell us ways in which you pursue your chosen subject outside school. Our students are people who really live their interests, and we can see this in the things they read, watch or explore in their spare time.’ 

When it comes to writing your UCAS application, there are things you can do to improve the quality. Avril looks at UCAS applications on a daily basis – here are her top tips: 

  • ‘When looking at a UCAS application, I look for a complete application, with no important information missing, and it needs to be easy for me to understand what you’re trying to say.  
  • All of your qualifications should be clearly listed with correct titles.   
  • Also, if we need extra information from you, a quick response is always appreciated!’ 

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Good luck! 

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