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If I attended a summer school at a different university would it matter? Nico, Enfield


Our Answer:

Attending a university summer school is a great idea! Most universities will offer them in a range of different subjects. A summer school will give you:

  • A taste of what it’s like to study at university (including lectures and, depending on the subject, practical sessions)
  • A chance to see what day to day student life is like at that particular university, with some offering overnight accommodation
  • Something extra to talk about in your UCAS personal statement

At UEA, we don’t mind where you do a summer school, its more what you got out of it. As long as you can talk about your experience in relation to the subject you’re applying for the location doesn’t matter. The important thing is to show your enthusiasm for the subject you’re looking to study through extracurricular activities – a summer school being perfect for this. 

If you are interested in finding out more about what we offer at UEA, have a look at our summer schools website. We’ve also previously answered a question about summers schools and what to expect that you might find useful, and how to write about your experience in your personal statement.  

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