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I’ve been offered a place, but have now decided to take a gap year. Will this look bad? Sophie, Norwich


Our Answer:

Hi Sophie, this is not uncommon and no it won’t look bad at all! In fact, for some people this is a good thing to do and you might feel more focused on your studies after taking a year out. Which? University have put together this article about how universities view gap years that might help you.  

People decide to take a year out before starting university for many different reasons, from travelling the world to earning some extra money to help when they start. 

If you’ve decided to take a gap year we can defer your place until next year. All you need to do is email admissions@uea.ac.uk with a brief message to let them know what you’re looking to do they will be able to sort this out for you. 

I hope you have a great year whatever you plan to do before you start here at UEA!

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