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I'm stuck with my personal statement; where can I go for help? Elouise, Tonbridge


Our Answer:

Personal statements are a bit like essays – starting them is the hardest thing, but once you get going it will become easier. 

Luckily, there is lots of help and advice out there. You could start with looking at the UCAS personal statement worksheet, or the personal statement builder on The Student Room.   

It’s good to back up anything you say with examples, but put these examples in context. We suggest trying our ABC technique: 

  • A – talk about the ACTIVITY you have undertaken
  • B – how did you BENEFIT from the activity 
  • C – relate it back to the COURSE you are applying for 

We’ve also put together a list of common pitfalls to avoid, such as not talking about you, being a bit too modest and maybe slipping in the odd porky pie!

It’s also a good idea to seek advice from the people who really know you. Get a family member, your teacher, or your best friend to read your personal statement. They will notice things you have missed and help with the final polish.  It might also be worth giving it to someone who is not so close to you to see if it makes sense and whether it gives them a good idea of who you are. 

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