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I’m looking to apply for a Nursing course as a mature student. Can I still apply to start in September 2016, or will I need to wait for January 2017? Alexandra, Guildford


Our Answer:

Hi Alexandra. We’re still accepting applications for the Adult Nursing course starting in September 2016, or you could also apply for January 2017. If you’re applying after 1 July, you’ll need to apply through Clearing.

It’s great that you’re thinking of returning to study as a mature student, but there are a few things you need to be aware of when making your application. All applicants need to have successfully completed some formal academic study within the last 5 years to ensure they are equipped to succeed on our academically rigorous courses. If you’ve enquired previously and met the entry requirements, but not studied in the last 5 years and feel your recent work/life experience demonstrates your motivation, potential, knowledge and ability for the course you should contact us prior to applying so we can confirm whether we would be able to consider your application.

As a mature applicant for Adult Nursing, you’ll need GCSE Maths and English at grade C or equivalent - you’ll find further details on the Adult Nursing course pages, as well as the Level 3 requirements if you’ve done an Access course.

Work experience always helps to strengthen an application, and is especially helpful when it comes to interview. Experience can be voluntary or paid with a duration of 1 day to 1 year – the length of experience isn’t as important as what you’ve gained from it.

If you’re not sure whether you have the right entry requirements we’re always happy to have a look at your qualifications and experience and advise you on what else you might need to do if we can’t consider you straight away. Our Enquiries team can be contacted on enquiries@uea.ac.uk

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